Not about Ratana (Soraya Peke-Mason)

Not about Ratana (Soraya Peke-Mason)

There’s no doubt as first time Labour Candidate being part of the listing process was a new and interesting experience.

I have no delusions about this role it’s a huge job and I take the responsibilities seriously. At the end of day this journey is not about Ratana or the Listing for that matter. It is about each and every single Maori whanau living in my Electorate from Porirua to Tokoroa to New Plymouth back and in between.

We know things can always be done better but more important what is happening now? Can you afford to put decent kai on the table? Can you afford your rent or mortgage? What else is in the pipeline of Government that will impact on our lives?

That is what is important.

In my view it is critical for Maori to be participating at all levels of politics. That is why I strongly believe being on the inside of a major party is critical to our future. When our Tupuna did things they always did them for a very good reason. The more I think about why T.W. Ratana aligned himself with Labour the more I, see, value and appreciate how visionary he was.

We are in a century that has bought us a whole lot of new challenges technology, globalization, internationalism and the new one with the greatest respect wealthy Iwi Corporates. When I take this all into consideration and observe the current political climate I can’t help but think there is no one better out there to serve us than good old Labour.

Soraya Peke-Mason
Candidate for Te Tai Hauauru.
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PO Box 5
RATANA 4548.
18th April 2011.

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