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Heritage Programme Advisor, Maori

Heritage Programme Advisor, Maori

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Heritage Programme Adviser, Maori
(National Library of New Zealand)
Knowledge, Information, Research and Technology
The Alexander Turnbull Library is seeking a bright, energetic and motivated individual for the role of Heritage Programme Adviser, Maori, located in the National Library’s new centre in Auckland. This is a new role designed to connect Maori with the collections and services of the Alexander Turnbull Library.
Among the things you would do are:
  • Develop and deliver programmes and learning resources based on Maori material in the Turnbull Library collections.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of the National Library’sprogrammes in Auckland.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of our new online research delivery channel.
  • Advise on Maori digitisation priorities from the ATL collections.
  • Serve as first point of local contact for anyone needing an introduction to the Turnbull’s services.
This position may be a fit for you if you have sound experience in any of the following areas: teaching, journalism or education, museums or galleries, library & information work, particularly in promotion and outreach, activities.
As well as a tertiary qualification*, you will have a love of learning and research, enjoy working with people, and be fearless and curious about the ways that technology can connect people with taonga.
Your communication skills, both written and verbal will be excellent, with a level of fluency in Te Reo Maori required. Other key words: reliable, hardworking, creative, and flexible.
The vacancy number is 11/197. Applications close Thursday, 9 June 2011.
For more information, take a look at the job description or contact Joan McCracken, Leader, Outreach Services, Alexander Turnbull Library, phone 474 3056.
Additional Info:

Salary Range $ 44,609 – $54.056

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