New name given to new Tuhoe Iwi Authority

New name given to new Tuhoe Iwi Authority

‘Tuhoe – Te Uru Taumatua’

The Tuhoe Establishment Trust (TET) Trustees have confirmed the new name of the new Tuhoe Iwi Authority at their most recent Board meeting last Wednesday. The new entity will simply be known as ‘Tuhoe’, with the tagline ‘Te Uru Taumatua’, capturing the essence of Tuhoe purpose and its work.

The confirmation of the new name is the result of nearly two years collaboration with other Blueprint projects, workshops and input from Tuhoe hapu, kaumatua, pukenga and Tuhoe Iwi entities.

The majority of feedback highlighted ‘Tuhoe’ as the key word in any proposed name. Tuhoe hapu have traditionally come together under the Tuhoe collective to work collaboratively for the common benefit of Tuhoe whanau and hapu. T?hoe reinforces a continuation of that eternal commitment to Tuhoetanga, Tuhoe immortality and the prosperity of its people.

The tagline refers to the Taumatua tree, which is a self-sustaining tree that provides sustenance and the strength to prosper and aligns with the Tuhoe mission of Mana Motuhake. The grove (Uru) of Taumatua represents its interdependence and strength in its collective, as Tribal and hap? collectives provide the potency of Iwi unity. Tuhoe will be known legally as Tuhoe Trust and this will be used for legal and business transactions.

Tuhoe vision will be T?hoetanga with its mission being Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe. Its purpose is to ensure the immortality of T?hoetanga by utilising the potency of a unified Iwi Authority and is there to serve and prosper its people. These will guide the work and operations of T?hoe, the New Generation Iwi Authority.

For further information please contact Te Iharaira Temara on (07) 3129 659 or email iharaira@

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