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Maori Party & National sign deal...

Maori Party & National sign deal…

It has just been announced, what was already assumed, that the Maori Party will continue to support the Key-led Government on confidence and supply but importantly they will not be required to vote on any of the laws to be passed in National’s post-election action plan.

In particular this means that means the Maori Party will not have to vote for the partial asset sales plan.

Co-leader Tariana Turia will keep her roles as Minister for Whanau Ora, disability issues and associate Minister of Health. She will also gain a new role as associate Minister of Housing, a portfolio that she has always held as critical to the well-being of whanau.

Dr. Pita Sharples will also keep his position as Minister of Maori affairs and associate roles in Corrections and Education. However these positions may be in doubt if there is a fight for leadership from Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell.

In addition this agreement includes a promise to set up a Ministerial Committee on Poverty.

TV3 reporter, Patrick Gower suggested that Dr Sharples seemed altogether “glum” at the signing, suggesting that there may be significant infighting within the party.

Reaction was mixed on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with Gisborne District Council, Manu Caddie saying “I suspect signing this deal probably felt a bit like signing your own death certificate… Whanau Ora would have survived with Maori Party in government – National has no better ideas on how to address the growing disparities.”

While Mana Movement President, Annette Sykes, pointed out some significant challenges that may emerge saying:

Pita Sharples and John Banks both Associate Ministers of Education… Now that is going to be an interesting tension… Privatisation of Education… Vs Matauranga Maori… Will they be the same thing under this regime?

However, given that the Maori Party won’t have to back key National policies, such as drug testing of beneficiaries and asset sales, it will be interesting to see how the public respond. Will they still be seen as advocating on behalf of National or will they be seen as the independent voice they wish to be for Maori communities.

Official National Party Press Release (correction)

National-Maori Party Accord and Agreement announced

National Party Leader John Key today announced the Relationship Accord and Confidence and Supply Agreement negotiated with the Maori Party, which focuses on lifting Maori achievement.

“I am pleased with this agreement with the Maori Party, which helps ensure a strong, stable National-led Government over the next three years,” says Mr Key.

The agreement differs from those signed with the United Future and ACT parties in that while the Maori Party will support the National-led Government on confidence and supply, it is not required to vote for legislation required to give effect to the policies in National’s Post-Election Action Plan.

“This is a policy-based agreement and features a number of areas where both parties agree to work together,” says Mr Key.

“On everything else besides confidence and supply, the Maori Party will decide support or not on a case-by-case basis.”

Maori Party Co-Leader Dr Pita Sharples will be appointed to the positions of Minister of Maori Affairs, Associate Minister of Education and Associate Minister of Corrections.  These Ministerial positions will be outside Cabinet.

Maori Party Co-Leader Tariana Turia will be appointed to the positions of Minister responsible for Wh?nau Ora, Minister for Disability Issues, Associate Minister of Health, and Associate Minister of Housing.  She will also continue to have Associate Ministerial responsibilities in the areas of Social Development and Employment.  These Ministerial positions will be outside Cabinet.

“Both the National Party and Maori Party would acknowledge the tremendous success of many Maori individuals and families, but there remains the problem of long-term issues affecting Maori families.   It is vitally important that this is addressed,” says Mr Key.

“Lifting Maori achievement is the major aim of this agreement, which is focused on results and outcomes.

“The agreement builds on the success of the relationship between the National Party and the Maori Party in the previous three years in government.

“I look forward to continuing that constructive relationship with the Maori Party over the next three years.”

Visit the National-Maori Party Relationship Accord and Confidence and Supply Agreement at:

Visit Appendix 1 at:

Visit National’s Post-Election Action Plan at:

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