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Mihingarangi Forbes signed to Maori TV's Te Kaea

Mihingarangi Forbes signed to Maori TV’s Te Kaea

Maori Television today announced that award-winning journalist Mihingarangi Forbes will join the channel early this year as a producer for its daily news programme, TE KAEA.

Forbes recently resigned from her position as a reporter for TV3’s flagship current affairs programme, Campbell Live, where in 2008 she won a Qantas Award for ‘best reporter for daily current affairs’.

Before this, Forbes produced stories for TVNZ’s 20/20 programme and won a Qantas Award for ‘The Lillybing Story’ with journalist Amanda Millar.

Maori Television General Manager of News and Current Affairs Te Anga Nathan says he is delighted Forbes will join the channel.

“Mihingarangi brings with her a wealth of news and current affairs reporting experience and has a reputation for breaking stories. We’re delighted to have her producing our daily news bulletin TE KAEA and being part of our team,” says Mr Nathan.

“TE KAEA is keen to replicate the feats of our current affairs show, NATIVE AFFAIRS, which won an AFTA for best overall current affairs programme in 2011. TE KAEA viewers can expect a new look and approach in the months to come as we strive to continue our solid coverage of news reporting.”

With seventeen years’ experience in the television industry, Forbes has worked as a journalist and producer for TV3 and TVNZ, where she began her career with Te Karere. Highlights of her career include securing an exclusive interview with drug-accused Sharon Armstrong from inside an Argentinian prison, and a controversial interview with former EMA boss, Alasdair Thompson, which forced him to resign his position

Forbes says it was a tough decision to leave reporting after seven years in daily current affairs.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working at TV3 but the opportunity to join a team like Maori Television, which is focused on cementing its place as the leading Maori news provider, excites me and I want to be a part of that.”

Forbes will be joined by former Maori Television Press Gallery Reporter Tina Wickliffe, who will head the Wellington News Bureau as part of changes to Maori Television’s news and current affairs department.


Forbes replaces former TE KAEA producer Taiha Molyneux, who has taken on a new role to develop Maori Television’s online news presence.


Meanwhile, Forbes will also be reunited with former TV3 producer Carol Hirschfeld, who joined Maori Television in 2009 as Head of Programming and was last year promoted to General Manager of Production.

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