Seminar for Maori Trustees in Dairy Farming (Rotorua)

You are invited to the first Tauhara Moana focus farm Trustee evening for 2012 – Wednesday 15 February 5:30pm at the Rotorua BNZ partner’s building in the Pukeroa Oruawhata Central Mall.

This event is open to everyone but designed for Trustees of Ahuwhenua Maori land so please invite your fellow trustees, associate trustees and senior management teams.

  • We will introduce DairyNZ and the benefits Maori can gain by working with the resources they have.
  • We will introduce a governance reporting template that is helping Maori dairy farms gain traction.
  • We will hear about the latest Environmental initiatives being lead by Maori in our region. And,
  • We will hear from Maori leading the Dairy industry in our region.

Event Programme

Chad Hoggard – BNZ

  • Welcome
  • International economic outlook
  • Best practise governance for Maori dairy farms

Clinton Hemana – DairyNZ

  • Who are DairyNZ, what do we do, what are we doing with Maori?
  • Best practise governance options – Focus Farm findings

Tina Porou – TARIT CEO

  • Maori initiatives in sustainable resource management
  • Te Arawa River Iwi Trust – who are they, what do they do?

Richard Wyeth – Miraka CEO

  • Maori leading in the dairy industry
  • Miraka Ltd experience – how are they going, what are they doing,
  • what are the issues and opportunities?

Wednesday 15 February 2012
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Rotorua BNZ partners building
Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust – Central Mall
1192 Amohau Street

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