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Journey to the Globe Appeal, Te Reo Maori & Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Journey to the Globe Appeal, Te Reo Maori & Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

“London 2012 Olympics holds more for Maori than any other Olympics.”


The Globe to Globe Festival, presented by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London, is the home of the Cultural Olympiad of Theatre.  It is an extraordinary event that will present 37 Shakespeare plays in 37 Languages. The Te Reo Maori production of “Troilus & Cressida,” by William Shakespeare translated by Te Haumihiata Mason “Toroihi raua ko Kahiri” will be performed with a stellar cast at the Globe Theatre London, April 23 & 24 2012,

An invitation from the Festival Director Tom Bird to distinguished Maori Actor Rawiri Paratene has led to the partnering of Paratene’s touring company Ngakau Toa and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  Maori have been given the honour of performing on Shakespeare’s birthday April 23 2012,

NZ audiences will get to experience this production first with performances in the NZ International Arts Festival at Te Papa March 9 & 10 and Aotea Square March 22, 23 & 24 presented by The Edge.

This unprecedented Tour is history in the making it is a unique global event that will showcase Te Reo Maori and Te Ao Maori.  The translation is a major achievement supported by Te Taura Whiri the Maori Language Commission.

“Te Haumihiata Mason has done a wonderful interpretation of the script.  The play is now set firmly in Te Ao Maori, the Classical Maori World. This is proving a snug fit with the backdrop of the Greek – Trojan wars against which Shakespeare has set this masterpiece”

Performing alongside Mr Paratene is renowned actor, Waihoroi Shortland, and Te Reo professor, Scotty Morrison.

“It is a privilege to work alongside such exceptional and accomplished individuals as Waihoroi and Scotty, I feel deeply honoured that they are a part of this production, they were there with Don Selwyn in the Maori Merchant of Venice, and now they’re doing it again; this time ‘live’ on the global stage.  For me it’s a privilege to continue Don’s legacy of taking Te Reo Maori to the World.”

The late great Don Selwyn directed the first ever feature of a Shakespeare play in Te

Reo Maori, The Merchant of Venice “Te Tangata Whai Rawa o Weneti.”

Included in the New Zealand performances is the acclaimed Taonga Puoro expert Richard Nunns and James Webster. Mr Webster will also feature in the London performances.

“It great to have such expertise working alongside Director Rachel House, who is one of our foremost  theatricians, a true visionary.  She has bought together an outstanding cast of 18.”

The Minister of Arts Chris Finlayson has been supportive of the production.  “It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the strength of Maori Theatre performance and to showcase Te Reo Maori.”

Support has been given by; Te Waka Toi- Creative New Zealand’s Maori Arts Board, Te Taura Whiri the Maori Language Commission, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, NZ International Arts Festival, Te Puni Kokiri, The Edge,  Auckland City Council Arts Alive and Wellington City Council.

However a production this large requires an enormous budget, Producer Grace Hoet is currently sourcing the extensive funds needed to get a production of this magnitude to Wellington, Auckland and London.

We must be accessible to all New Zealanders therefore performances are entry by Koha.

“There is no money to be made in theatre, you’re lucky just to pay the bills, funding for Theatre and the Arts in NZ is limited, more so with a Te Reo Maori production, therefore we still need financial support”, says Ms Hoet.

Hence the launch of an appeal for general support, we appeal to corporations, organisations and individuals to partner with us in this prestigious endeavour!  He tautoko ki Te Reo Maori! Please come journey with us, support the language, support the arts, watch this production and embrace this historical occasion.

Ngakau Toa respectfully request support for the “Journey to the Globe Appeal”

“$100 awhi from a 1000 people or a $1000 awhi from a 100 organisations is a wonderful contribution towards this Global History making event.”

  • Ngakau Toa –“ Journey to the Globe Appeal” 
  • Welcomes your support koha can be deposited at any
  • KIWIBANK  38-9012-0090593-02

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