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Top 6 Te Arawa teams to go to Nationals (Te Arawa Regionals)

Top 6 Te Arawa teams to go to Nationals (Te Arawa Regionals)

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Please note these are unofficial votes. The official votes will be announced soon. 

The winners of today’s Te Arawa Reginal Kapa Haka comps were as follows:

  1. Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao
  2. Te Matarae i Orehu
  3. Nga Uri o Te Whanoa
  4. Kataore
  5. Manaia
  6. Nga Potiki a Hinehopu
Once we get the correct and confirmed results we’ll get them up online. Thanks for your understanding.
[sws_divider_line]Congrats to all, incredible hard work, time, sweat, blood and tears have gone into this with each team, their supports and their whanau giving it their all. Ka mau te wehi!!

The Te Arawa Regional Kapa Haka competition have showcased the traditional-contemporary performing arts, presented by the tribal groups of Te Arawa region.

This prestigious competition saw the groups competing for the honour to represent Te Arawa at the Te Matatini National Kapa Haka competition in 2013.

Te Matatini is the world’s largest celebration of Maori Performing Arts. Kapa Haka groups from all over Aotearoa and Australia compete for the “best of the best” crown, in the traditional performance disciplines of Haka, Poi and Waiata.

Tickets were on sale at Ticketmaster and in the Rotorua Convention Centre.

(29) Comments

  1. Peyton

    We done all goods for TUWHAERTOA we bet matarae by one point in something yeahh dats it hahaha How long has the Te Arawa Regionals been going for anyways????

  2. Hena Roberts

    Kia ora, Yeah!! TUHOURANGI TUMEKE WHANAU!! CONGRATS 2 U ALL. Can't wait for (NATS) Next Year, Sad for Ngati Rangiwewehi sori bout that hahaha!! Tuwharetoa (2 Bldy Poor) more lyk it lol. Tiko guess wat? Tuhourangi my Uncle & Aunty & Cuzy belong to this roopu soooo sic on your on Tiko hehehehehehe aha!!!!!!!!! TE ARAWA HARDCORE!!!!!!!!

  3. Ko Tepora toku Ingoa

    much aroha TE ARAWA TUMEKE !!!!!WHANAU CONGRTS TO YOUR Win.. he aha well see u'zz all at Rotorua Matatini Kia Kaha an too all our other whanau Roopu who have compet... in the pass... too much we doing our Reg. in Camberra Mozzieland,just lovin our kapa haka here Ozzie Tutakitanga kia kaha, whanau Roopu already been Matatini 3times from Mozzieland Brizzie lol hahahaha we no we won't be able to Win..Matatini just lovin our kapa haka an goin home an sharing our aroha with all the Roopu Home Aotearoa an Tumeke to Tuhourangi Roto...Reg... luffzz always arohanui

  4. manaman

    Matatini Rule 6.6 Once a public announcement is made on the results of the Competition, whether for the heats (regionals) or the finals (nationals), the results shall be FINAL!!! Karoha ki a koutou Ngati Rangiwewehi...

  5. penny diver

    I understand the issue circulating about Rangiwewehi being placed 7th overall when they got a Ist & 2nd in 2 items AND Manaia being placed 5th when they weren't in the line up for any of the 6 disciplines. However, Rangiwewehi's ONLY recourse is if there is a discrepancy in the count up of their marks, they CANNOT challenge the marks that they received NOR the marks that Manaia were awarded. At the Te Arawa Kapa hui just before the whakataetae (and only 1 team wasn't represented), the leaders all agreed that the Judges' decisions would be final. Do not lay any blame on the organisers, they were not the Judges, they did not choose the Judges, these (Judges) very fine people were chosen by the kapa, and judged according to what THEY saw on the day NOT on how kapa have performed in the past. Nga mihi mahana kia koe Eraia me to roopu, a, kia koe hoki Dan. Please spare a thought for my niece and her team, Nga Potiki a Hinehopu who are now wondering whether they will be on the atamira next year........

  6. Rina H

    Tena koutou, my opinion is that the whole Te Arawa Kapahaka Komiti needs a shake up... Too many times theres been mistakes and its making us look rediculous... Wat people are failing to forget is this is actually the 3rd time a stuff up has happened as also in 2008 there was speculation around points and wrong announcements and this again was about Ngati Rangiwewehi so ones got to question wat da hell is happening!!! Give my whanau a break already!!!

  7. Errkin

    Were results mucked up or are people only suggesting a muck up. If errors were made in the results, will they be corrected? There are a lot of performers, whanau, supporters etc(in any kapahaka comp)who have a big stake in the outcome. Speculation and incorrect information when repeated enough has the potential over time to present as truth and create bitterness and division within and between groups. I was surprised with the results after being present at this comp and having watched all the groups - I heard the results later via radio and you could have knocked me over with a feather. How do people (contributors) know there were errors in the results? Is it fact, hearsay, or opinion? i.e. what has lead people to think mistakes were made?

    1. manaman

      It doesnt matter whether there was a mistake made...its too late now, the rules state that whoever gets announced are the ones that go...decision is final...sorry for Ngati Rangiwewehi if there was an error made, i actually felt they deserved to get into the top 6.

  8. confused te arawa whanaunga

    korero 4 this years regionals is that pointz were not added up properly, 1 ropu is out and another ropu maybe in, what is going on whanau?, this remind's me of the previous regionals 2010? quote me if im wrong, but if my memory serves me right Ngati Rangiwewehi were anounced the winners then, it was protested by another ropu, next minit both teams were anounced 1st equals after the night. seriously whanau what is the point in haveing these (regionals) if come the announcements they are goning to be changed?. wake up and get the results right the first time, this raruraru is really confusing for the whole of te arawa, sorry whanau dont get 2 excited (like you shuld) aftr the announcements on the night of the results of the regionals, because you find panui the reads like this............. Please note these are unofficial votes. The official votes will be announced soon. And people are lead to belive that the results are not rigid? 1 plus 1 dont equal 10 so makes you wounder what's going to be wrong next regionals???????????

  9. milly

    Well if whr gonna keep mucking up on da scoring hia in Te Arawa den wot da hells gona happen 4 Matatini, it bad enuf we hvin ppl thinkin its all riggd, hate it whn ow iwi hs 2 pay da price 4 othas so calld mistakes...HIKUWAI shoda been thr aswell.

  10. Matariki Cribb

    I'm proud of everyone! My heart is breaking that Rangiwewehi didnt place, but there we have it. We still love you A Towners. Nga mihi nunui ki koutou o Te Arawa i eke panuku ki runga i te papa whakatuu waewae! Good luck at Nats, let bring some trophies home to God's Own!

  11. Vanessa Kururangi

    Lol, thanks to the bro Kimi for keeping me up to date as I had to get back to Tauranga - he's the mantis! Fantastic day! Can't wait to see official placings!

    1. manaman

      Matatini rule 6.6...the groups that are announced in a public announcement are the groups that go to even if there was a mistake made, its too late, the announcements been made...feel sorry for Ngati Rangiwewehi if there was an error in the marks...

  12. June Kingi

    Mean as performances and yes, this is really hard for Manaia and Ngati Rangiwewehi as I think they should both battle it out and let the people have the last say. Good luck to them ALL and this is even greater at Matatini. TUMEKE TE ARAWA, HARD!!!

      1. AEIOU

        OMG shushhh, your bumming me out, and our tribe out so shhhh please lol! Tuwharetoa will get there when we get our act together, and well its obviously not our time... but dont you worry, our time will come. Mauri Ora ki a koutou o Te Arawa, you all deserve your placings, and I cannot wait to see you all and get my haka fix at Te Matatini!

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