Urewera Four - justice denied | Hone Harawira

Urewera Four – justice denied | Hone Harawira

Statement from Hone Harawira  

Four years ago armed offenders stormed the homes of innocent families, broke down doors, smashed windows, overturned furniture, forced people to their knees in front of their children, refused them access to water and even the right to go to the toilet, degraded and dehumanised civilians, set up armed barricades, stopped traffic, boarded köhanga reo busses, scared the crap out of little kids … and gave Tuhoe another reason to hate the forces of the state.

People all over the country were charged with terrorism and although those charges were thrown out, the state followed up with new charges because they’d already spent millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours on a botched operation and they had to justify their malicious and illegal actions of October 15 2007.

Yesterday should have been about the triumph of justice, but it wasn’t. All we got a sad and sorry end to a tragic raid into the heartland of the Tuhoe because after all the drama, the high expectation and grainy videos, yesterday the jury could only return guilty verdicts on firearms charges. That’s all we got after a four year campaign that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, divided the nation, and gave people genuine reason to fear the police.

Because today, justice is still denied to the people of Tuhoe.

Today the case may finally be over but not for the people of Tuhoe. There has been no apology, no compensation, no change in police operations and no new engagement policy initiated as a result of the litany of errors we now know as Operation 8.

Today we remember those who have passed on since 2007. Today we remember the pain and suffering brought upon the people of Tuhoe by the state … again.

Today I commit the energy and the support of the MANA Movement to standing against those who would use the Terrorism Suppression Act and the Search and Surveillance Bill to crush independent thinking, to force us to fear what we say and to hide what we do and to stop us from choosing freedom over oppression.

And today I salute Tame Iti and his comrades for their dignity, for their courage, for their passion and for their love for this land.


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  1. Moyra Te Ariki Bramley

    The maori party is calling for us to move on and maybe forget...I disagree....we were raided in Taupo the day before the Tuhoe raids and our kiua was pulled from her bed and dragged along an uneven floor because they were protesting the desecration of our wahi tapu site..she was not permitted to take her medication and other owners caravans were forcibly removed and wrecked even though they owned the land.....there were road blocks so whanau and the media could not get through to see what was going on and to help the 6 kids also dragged out of their beds...so...no..I will never forget and no opology will ever compensate for the humiliation abuse and disrespect shown to ordinary people trying to protect their dead.....if we drove a bulldozer through a pakeha cemetery we would be arrested and locked up without trial....so I salute Tama Iti and co...you remained calm...and held your mana in tact..something no pakeha can ever understand because they have none

  2. Sian Tatana/Wichman

    Where is"JUSTICE" Thats the justice system 4 yah,always have been!I know very well from personal experiance You "KILL" some1/Murder! get 2yrs max-even if yah dont have your Gun licence & was hunting/shooting in a very well known camp area! Well long as you aint Maori>Nah they rather drag a court case 4 a year min,wasted time & tax payers money-when it dam well could be put towards other and more important things in Aotearoa>>our tamariki the furture. I can go on and on 4 ages on this 1 very subeject! But i got x3 kids to attend 2 very soon,wea would we be 2day if there was no longer Waitangi! I stand my right as a human,as of any body of what ever race u maybe-and alwayz stand with/by my people given that us as Maori are the indiginece people of Aotearoa/Rangatira 2 stand up 4 our freedom of rights! And will never ever stop untill we get back what is right fully ours in the very begining. I Saulte Tama Iti-"Mauriora" Na Sian Tatana/Wichman

  3. travellerev

    What gets me is that just weeks before the attack (No other word for it) the police gave Tame Iti a clean bill on safety when John Key wanted to talk to him in August 2008. This was after they spend years and millions of tax payers money spying on him and others. So how come John Key was safe enough to meet with Tame Iti in an isolated marae with only one or two other Maori elders if Tame Iti was "threatening to kill" John Key? http://aotearoaawiderperspective.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/on-the-urewera-four-john-key-and-that-secrete-meeting-with-tame-iti-one-month-before-his-arrest/

  4. Mate Tangitu

    Kia ora koe Hone; this is the most outrageous thing that's ever happened to Maoridom since colonisation....the Government needs to step up to the play and damn well apologise and compensate our Tuhoe nation.

  5. Sarah

    Kia Ora Hone and the Mana Party. Where is the justice for Ngai Tuhoe, a continuation of the injustices dealt to them and their Tupuna. Kia Kaha te iwi.

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