It’s in the Bag is BACK 2012

It’s in the Bag is BACK 2012

The iconic game show that is lighting up small town NZ returns to Maori Television next weekend.

The fourth series of IT’S IN THE BAG premieres on Sunday 8 April at 7.00pm with Maori comedian Pio Terei and the glamorous Stacey Morrison as co-hosts.

Continuing the theme of taking the game show to the provinces, this year the bilingual adaptation of Selwyn Toogood’s television show takes the laughs to the far North, Hokianga, Waiheke Island and Taranaki regions.

Stacey says IT’S IN THE BAG is “real-deal reality TV that shows us getting back to who we really are as New Zealanders. Everyone knows what they are in for and everyone comes with their cheeky undies on, ready for a good night out.”

You can expect more of Pio’s witty banter and Stacey’s stunning frocks glamming up the halls for a night of entertainment that the entire whanau can enjoy.

The format of IT’S IN THE BAG remains much the same as it was in the 1970s, when Selwyn Toogood toured the show around New Zealand. Contestants must answer three questions relating to their region to get a chance to play for the money or the bag.

Poker-faced Pio offers an increasing amount of cash in exchange for the bag … and with the audience chipping in, the pressure is on.

“Our principal sponsors UBUY and 2Degrees have been really generous in giving us over $50 thousand worth of electrical goods, entertainment products and thousands of dollars in cash to give away as prizes,” says producer Libby Hakaraia.

“We’ve been able to give away things like fridges, dishwashers, leather lounge suites and 3D televisions to swimming pools, pool tables and bikes!”

The two highest-scoring contestants from each show have a chance to compete in the grand final, which this year was held in Whangarei.

Towns visited this year are Te Kao, Kaitaia, Mangamuka, Waimamaku, Kohukohu, Waipu, Wellsford, Waiheke Island, Waitara, Opunake, Stratford, and Patea.

So, what will it be New Zealand? Te moni, te kete ranei?  The money or the bag?

Series four of IT’S IN THE BAG premieres on Sunday 8 April at 7pm

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