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First-hand account of police brutality in Glen Innes by wahine (+video)

First-hand account of police brutality in Glen Innes by wahine (+video)

This video provides the first hand account of Marion Peka who was in Glen Innes who engaged in peaceful protest against the gentrification of Glen Inness.

She confirms that the police targeted John Minto (co-vice president of Mana) in particular.
She also confirms that the houses were in good condition and not needing of any “re-development”.

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  1. takutaimoana4sure

    Arohamai – Shocking is this disgusting situation with the police. I first of all acknowledge the people and nga whenua – nga taonga tuku iho of Ukutoia (glen innes). I acknowledge in respect the ancestral connection to families involved. We send from the North our aroha and awhi with what you are having to face. Kia kaha To the whanau whom had been physically hurt and this includes all – sorry. Sorry for the mistreatment put upon you by the police. It was done by police but we feel your pain – Ka Aroha – you and no one deserves this treatment. Especially our tamariki me nga mokopuna Our compassion goes out to you all as you all also have to endure the pain to your wairua and all. Ka nui te mihi aroha kia koutou. Ma te Atua koutou, e manaaki e tiaki i nga wa katoa

    1. blu van

      So sorry you had to see for the first time the ugly side of the police. Make sure you note down police names and numbers if you have issue with an officer, get your friends with cameras to record instances of brutality, get pics that will help identify and shame these bullies. We all have a right to feel safe from arbitrary police violence and brutality, even when we are protesting PEACEFULLY - its a feature of our free-democratic system. Maybe an idea to wear pink (non threatening) balaclavas or masks also, as from the fotos it looks like the cops are cataloguing and documenting you all for future reference/actions. NZ Police can be ugly alright John Minto is a national treasure - always sticking up for the vulnerable, people like him are often maligned and misunderstood in their own time, only to be vindicated by the benefit of hindsight - be peaceful, keep the law, stand up for what you believe

  2. Stella Taylor

    KIA KAHA Marion and all those affected. I have known many families who have lived in Glen Innes all their lives and in the same home and its so sad what is happening. Just to let you know that although we are in another country our thoughts are we you all. Lots of Aroha to the woman taken to hospital.

  3. Warwick Taylor

    Very moving. Seems nothing has changed since the Springbok Tour days. Kia ora to all the GI protestors. Kia kaha!

  4. Harata Paterson

    Make an official complaint to your local MP, the Ombudsmen, and the Police Complaints Authority too (yes even them). Don't let them get away with it, complain long and loud

  5. Sarah

    They (the police and government) will have their bullshit white trash excuses for why this happened and when they have support from our own like Hekia Parata, Tau Henare and Pita Sharples its soul destroying for Maori. That they can sit back and support what happens and Marion you are right its going to make the Government a lot of money to get rid of those homes and the people living in them, its a case of out of sight out of mind. Is it any wonder that people are acting up and becoming angry with whats goingon in this country. Are we going to end up a police state maybe this is just a small example of what to expect in the future. Hone Harawira voted for you in the last election and am pleased I did at least you support our people and thats all Maori ask for, where are the other spineless Maori MPs.Tautoko tenei kaupapa, he aroha tinonui kia koe Marion me era tangata e nohoana ki tera ropu.


    Marion you hit the nail on the head when you say they are co-porate thieves,you are close by , if not on a gold mine for them to make money off, the government use tactics like this to move people, and unfortunately you and all the others on your street are in the way. Shame the government, people dont realise our own police force are used this way. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui. Research more Marion and take this higher. The police dont have a right to put there hands on you, i suggest a good lawyer to look closely into what is happening. GOD BLESS MARION.

  7. robyn waikari

    i listened in horror as what you had to say marion, how dare they, are hearts are with you all and this video will be sent round the world through facebook, so our people and others can hear about it, arohamai sister

  8. eunice marion

    So, where were our other members of parilment apart from John Minto are the police allowed to handle an official representive of the Mana party like that. Where was the national rep the labor rep, who say they working for the people that voted them in. It really doesnt seem like the govt CARE HOW THEY TREAT THE normal souls of New Zealand. The Scary Monsters are not all on Fictional Tv programs, they seem to be wearing NZ Police uniforms.

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