Ngati Tamaoho hui-a-iwi

Ngati Tamaoho hui-a-iwi

The Ngati Tamaoho Trust is calling on all Ngati Tamaoho descendants from the three principal marae, Mangatangi, Nga Hau e Wha and Whatapaka to come with us on a journey.

The trust is engaged in the exciting process of settling Ngati Tamaoho’s Treaty Claims with the Crown, to resolve all historical claims in our region.

We are holding our monthly hui-a-iwi in Tamaki-makau-rau (Auckland) this Sunday 29th April at Papakura Marae from 9am. Come along even if it’s only for half the day, you have a right to be involved.

Either email or call or call (09) 551-6266 for more information.

Turou hawaiki!


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  1. Stephen (devereaux) Matatahi

    Hi, I don't know whether I've registered or not but am keen still. I'd like to keep up with the news and whanau. Sorry, for such a late reply. Life has been hectic last couple of years.

  2. Rangimarie Morgan

    My mother is Daphne Morgan. Her husband was Te Rako Morgan. His mother was Merepukohu Matatahi who married Here Mokena otherwise known as Cherry Morgan or Paiti Te Awa. Nana Merepukohus father was Matatahi.

  3. Steve matatahi

    Hi, I've just found this article on the web. My family are ngati tamaoho, hine, and paoa. We have been left landless and are seeking a sense of belonging. Our whakapapa is tamaoho who begat taumatawiwi who begat aorere who begat whakamarurangi who begat tote who begat ruamano who begat Te whareaitu who begat Te wharetini, tuteao and hukatia. Te wharetini begat Te rangiaukapa and heteraka. Heteraka begat waimatao, Rihari, patoromu and hunia. Patoromu was father of paretutaki, raharuhi, rangihuamo and Matatahi. Matatahi married tiahuia(tini)Te tauwhara and had tuwhakarongo, paengahuru,taruke, Te retimana, Te raharuhi, rapi, merepukohu, prukau, Te kanara,patoromu,Te rako, and tangiwai. Te raharuhi married aniwhanauwaka Te tere and had ngaroimata(Sarah), kirikohekohe(Anne), retimana(dad), Rona(Lena), rihipeti(Elizabeth) and kataraina(Kathleen). Aniwhanauwaka maiden name is de Thierry. I would be in debt if you could be of help in helping our family find our lost lands and to discover extended whanau. Cheers Steve Matatahi.

    1. kathleen tukiri

      u need to cum bac to yor own whanau first an this saturday would b good we hav the poukai at waikare marae saturday 1st december where u will c all the family best to b there b4 9am wen use left we neva seen the whole family for of yor cousin

    2. Christine Herzog

      Kia ora Steve We were very interested to see your posting!! and would be keen for you to contact us. We are in the middle of the Treaty claims negotiations so have been collecting information about whakapapa and land traditionally occupied by Tamaoho. We also have people with the same last name as yours on our membership list. Our website is The easiest way to contact us is or ring the Auckland office (551 6266). Nga mihi Christine Kaiwhakahaere Ngati Tamoaho Trust

    1. Christine Herzog

      Kia ora Victoria My apologies for not replying sooner! but please do contact the office - we'd love to have you register, and then you will get the monthly newsletter too. Email is; the office is in Auckland, phone 09 551 6266. Nga mihi Christine Kaiwhakahaere Ngati Tamaoho Trust

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