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Te Arawa Marae Master Chef - update!!

Te Arawa Marae Master Chef – update!!

All eyes will be on Rotorua next weekend as Te Arawa looks for their Marae Master Chef.

“Next week, Te Arawa Tangata will bring together 8 teams to compete in pig hunting, fishing, kaimoana shelling and  the Great Cook Off and we  want as many whanau from around the rome to come down and support their teams” said kaiwhakahaere Aneta Morgan.

Recently, we held a hui with rangatahi and asked them what they were looking for and the idea to bring whanau together with food and to have marae compete to see who had the best hunters, fishermen, shellers, bakers and cooks was put forward.”

“We have had interest from whanau in Ngati Ranhhgiwewehi wanting to know more about the pig hunting section and inquiries from Ngati Pikiao kuia to see if their mokopuna can join the Great Cook Off on Sunday” said Mrs Morgan.  ”We know there are some awesome whanau who can make amazing steam-pudding and talented uncles & aunties who have that magic touch when it comes to rewana bread and we want them to make contact and come down.”

The Marae Master Chef is open to ALL whanau who affiliate to Te Arawa.

Event Details:

Te Arawa Tangata presents ‘Marae Master Chef’
Friday 4th May – Sunday 6th May 2012
Owhata Marae, Hinemoa Point, ROTORUA

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