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Hikoi number begin to swell, causing delays


(Northern Advocate) Numbers on the “Aotearoa is not for sale” hikoi swelled to as many as 200 and caused traffic delays between Moerewa and Kawakawa yesterday.

The hikoi, which opposes state asset sales and started at Cape Reinga on Tuesday, stopped outside the Affco freezing works in Moerewa, where speakers called for an end to the eight-week-long lockout, then continued on State Highway 1 to Kawakawa. A core group of about 20 were due to spend the night at Otangarei Marae in Whangarei.

They plan to march in Auckland on Saturday and hope to reach Wellington on May 3.

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  1. Joe Rapana

    I find that this is good that your paper has put up information about the Hikoi but you have missed some very important issues that were spoken about during the stops from Moerewa to Kawakawa. They are and were The landowners that oppose the cycleway going through their land in Otiria and Ngapipito Rds, the Closure of the Senior School in Moerewa, the Lockout at Affco, the Farnorth Councils closure of the Service Centre in Kawakawa and them also wanting to have volenteer workers manning the Library. Please add all information that was spoken about at different advantage points. These issues really effect our comminties and when only partial information is put in the papers I feel that this only portrays that we dont have other problems which we know that we do!

    1. Nessa

      Kia ora Joe, has been the ONLY place I go to for updates about our hikoi. They are doing an amazing job of reporting and keeping us informed. However I must agree that perhaps the "holding up traffic" in Moerewa probably wasn't what should've been reported on, lol. Really - there's traffic in Moerewa? (Jokes!!!) I hear you with the multitude of issues that our people in the far North are facing. So many problems to deal with - it must seem overwhelming sometimes!!! Just know that I hikoi for EVERYONE, and will keep a special thought of YOU'S in the back of my mind as I march today. Keep up the fantastic work and I will hopefully see you's in Rotoz in a couple days xxx! Nessa.

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