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Nanny Hui Kahu passes, one of the longest standing kuia in Patea Maori club

Nanny Hui Kahu passes, one of the longest standing kuia in Patea Maori club

(Stuff) The most memorable voice of New Zealand hit song Poi-E has lost her battle with cancer.

“Nanny” Hui Kahu, 73, died this morning at her home in Hawera.

Known best for her work as the vocalist and poi soloist for the Patea Maori Club, those close to her say her death has left a cloud over Taranaki.

Family friend Steve Rangihuna told 3 News she was humble person “who put everyone else first – she was generous and giving”.

She was a respected elder who was a great role model to all Maori and her death is a great loss to the country, he said.

She was a great performer and my kids really moulded themselves off her and not only how to perform onstage but off the stage too.

“It is a feeling of absolute loss and I’m shattered. You cannot explain what I am feeling – it is like heartbreak. It is a great loss not only to myself and the family but to the whole of New Zealand.”

Kahu was a teacher at Hawera’s Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Ngati Ruanui, and was married to Syd Kahu.

Those who knew her were believed to be gathering at Wai-o turi Marae today to celebrate her life.

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  1. Kim Marino

    Moe mai ra nanny Hui. Can't believe your gone so soon. I will cherish the memories I have of you. Safe journey to the whanau who will be waiting at the gates of heaven. Arohamai Kim

  2. Maria Pisa

    Condolences goes out to the whanau of Nanny hui Kahu. My best friends aunty. Your voice will forever rock the Maori world and will always be known for the song Poi E... The Maori Anthem... Love from the Pisa whanau xoxox

  3. Mena Edwards

    Was shocked to hear the passing of Nanny Hui Kahu... Our condolences to the whanau... She will be sadly missed... Arohamai Edwards Whanau... Perth, WA

  4. Joanna Paerau

    I still cnt believe that some1 as so precious frm dah patea maori club who i grew up listening 2 frm ai young age until now hz left us. U will alwayz b n our hearts & our music.... R.I.P Nanny Hui Kahu....

  5. Charley Harlick

    You woke up the world when you sang with the Patea Maori Club. My family and I are Very sad now that you have left us. REST IN PEACE ‘Nanny’ Hui Kahu. Our condolences to the whanau . From the Harlick Whanou.

  6. Joe Moana

    It is with great sadness that I learn of the passing of such a beautiful soul. I have such beautiful memories of you Hui and the kindness that you've always shown me and I will always have the greatest love and respect for you!!!! Love always,,,, Joe xoxox

  7. Taranaki Alive in Australia

    Ka nui mo te whanau moe mai ka aroha Nanny Hui - we are very sad to hear about the passing - we were looking forward to meeting with her next year in Brisbane sending our aroha back to Hawera to all the whanau - Arohamai

  8. Trevina Ormsby

    Yes the famous Kuia from Taranaki. Nanny Hui Kahu I am sad she has such a beautiful voice. Dearest to my heart always, but the melody lingers on. Rest in peace and thank you for sharing your gifts. Simply beautiful.

  9. Dolly Matthews

    Aunty dolly from Te Unga Waka Marae sends her condolences to the whanau . May you rest in peace nanny hui .

  10. Christina

    Awwww so sorry to read this news...her brilliant voice will be remembered...thank you 'Nanny' Hui Kahu for sharing it with us.

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