Scholarships for those studying in the area of Indigenous Development

Scholarships for those studying in the area of Indigenous Development

Fulbright New Zealand and Nga Pae o te Maramatanga, New Zealand’s Indigenous Centre of Research Excellence, call for applications to a range of awards for New Zealand graduate students, academics, artists and professionals to undertake academic and cultural exchanges to the United States of America in fields of indigenous development. A Fulbright exchange provides life-changing opportunities to gain international experience and advance your career, to explore America, to share your culture and to make friends and colleagues from around the world. Grantees undertake an exchange to their choice of leading American universities, including Native American, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian-serving institutions renowned for their indigenous study and research programmes.

Fulbright-Nga Pae o te M?ramatanga Scholar Award
This award, valued at up to US$32,500 plus travel expenses, is for a New Zealand academic, artist or professional to conduct research and/or lecture in the US for three to five months in a field of indigenous development. One award is granted each year.
Applications close at 5:00pm on Monday 2 July 2012

Fulbright-Nga Pae o te M?ramatanga Travel Awards in Indigenous Development
These awards, valued at up to NZ$5,000, are for New Zealand academics, artists or professionals to visit the US for 12 to 90 days in order to present their work on a theme of indigenous development to American audiences. A small number of awards are granted each year.
Applications close at 5:00pm on Monday 2 July 2012

Fulbright-Nga Pae o te M?ramatanga Graduate Award
This award, valued at up to US$25,000 plus travel expenses, is for a promising New Zealand graduate student to undertake postgraduate study or research at a US institution in a field of indigenous development. One award is granted each year.

Applications close at 5:00pm on Wednesday 1 August 2012

These awards were introduced in 2010 to support exchange activities meeting one or more of Ng? Pae o te M?ramatanga’s research themes, as stated on their website at

In the past year Fulbright-Ng? Pae o te M?ramatanga exchange awards have supported Jacinta Ruru (Ng?ti Raukawa, Ng?ti Ranginui, Ng?ti Maniapoto) from the University of Otago to research indigenous challenges to Western property law at Lewis & Clark College and Arizona State University, and Natalie Coates (Ng?ti Awa, Ng?ti Hine, T?hoe, Te Arawa, Ng?ti T?wharetoa) from Whakat?ne to complete a Master of Laws degree in human rights and indigenous law at Harvard University. Travel Awards have been granted to health professional Pefi Kingi, Cindy Kiro (Ng?puhi, Ng?ti Kahu, Ng?ti Hine) from Massey University and Te Kawehau Hoskins (Ng?ti Hau, Ng?puhi) from the University of Auckland to present their respective research at various conferences and universities in the United States.

See the Fulbright New Zealand website for further details of these and other Fulbright awards – – and please promote these opportunities amongst your colleagues and networks.

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