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PAO PAO PAO celebrates 10years of contemporary Maori music

PAO PAO PAO celebrates 10years of contemporary Maori music

The annual show-case of top contemporary Maori musicians celebrates its 10th anniversary at Pipitea Marae in Wellington on Saturday 16 June with a stellar line-up of ten Maori artists.

As always, PAO PAO PAO offers a range of top international acts as well as rising stars. Sixteen-year-old Majic Paora will perform in a line-up with internationally renowned artists such as Ruia and Bella Kalolo. The bilingual show features elements of taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments), big band sounds, jazz, soul, reggae and kapa haka as well as a stunning array of vocal talent.

Organiser, Ngahiwi Apanui says PAO PAO PAO gives all New Zealanders a rare chance to experience the diverse range of contemporary Maori music in one show.


He says, “PAO PAO PAO always offers some surprises for the audience, even those that come back every year, it gives people a snap-shot of what influences contemporary Maori music and also what makes these musicians unique.”

At this year’s 10th anniversary concert, the ten acts performing are Majic, Ariana Tikao, Toni Huata, Kirsten Te Rito, Aio, Brannigan Kaa, David Grace & Injustice, Ruia, Vintage and Bella Kalolo. For more information on the artists, go to

Ngahiwi Apanui adds, “PAO PAO PAO is an opportunity for us to see our musical ambassadors perform at home and to celebrate younger Maori musicians who are following in their footsteps. Over the years, PAO PAO PAO has set a benchmark for contemporary Maori music and it has become a regular fixture on the New Zealand music calendar.”

Tickets for the three hour show are on sale exclusively from Toi Maori Aotearoa. Prices are $30 for adults, $15 for children, students and kaumatua, $50 for a whanau pass. Contact Ananda Rihi Gotty on or phone on 04 801 7914.

PAO PAO PAO is supported by Creative New Zealand, Wellington City Council, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori, Te Mangai Paho and New Zealand Music Commission.

For media interviews, contact Ngahiwi Apanui on 021 656 326. For media enquiries, contact Sandi Hinerangi Barr on 021 656 310 or

*Toi Maori Aotearoa is a charitable trust created to foster the development of Maori arts.


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