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Ngati Hako Locked Out of Ancestral Mountains

Ngati Hako Locked Out of Ancestral Mountains

Kuia and kaumatua of Ngati Hako, the oldest of the Hauraki iwi, on behalf of our mokopuna and the generations to come, call on Minister Finlayson to honour Ngati Hako’s customary rights in relation to Tamaki Makaurau.

Ngati Hako [together with others] has very long standing traditional links of a substantial nature in Tamaki.
Ngati Hako has at least a shared interest in:
  • Ngahue [Mt Wellington]
  • One Tree Hill [which is Te Totara-i-ahua in the Ngati Hako context]
  • Te Whaora a Kupe [Maunga Whau]
  • and Tamaki generally.
Hako, the ancestor,  landed at Tamaki and his circumstances in being at Tamaki, his life and those of his descendants provide the basis for the connection that Ngati Hako still has with places such as Waitemata, Waiheke and Waipapa.
Ngati Hako is a legitimate tangata whenua group, standing for our customary rights in Tamaki Makaurau as mana whenua to be acknowledged and honoured
Ngati Hako spokesperson and Treaty negotiator, John Linstead said: “We’re being locked out of our ancestral mountains by the actions of the Crown. We have a right to be there!”
Ngati Hako calls on the Crown to refrain from signing any agreement with Nga Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau until the position of Ngati Hako’s interests are remedied by inclusion within a formal agreement.

For further information please call John Linstead on 027 293 2060

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