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Another Mistake from Harawira’s Party


After being informed of misleading and dated newsfeeds on a Mana Party Facebook site, alleging that the Maori Party is in support of asset sales, Te Ururoa Flavell says “it shows Harawira’s Party can only resort to bluster and mischief to grab attention.”

“For the Mana Party president to upload an outdated news release from Labour MP Parekura Horomia onto her Facebook page, making claims that the Maori Party is in support of asset sales, is pure political mischief designed to mislead voters. You have to wonder at the integrity of that.

“The Maori Party position on asset sales is unequivocal – we do not support the Bill and we will be voting against it” says Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell. “No buts, no maybes. Just a flat out kaore”.

Despite not supporting the Bill, the Maori Party still secured the Treaty of Waitangi clause in the legislation.

“The Maori Party is making a difference for Maori and it’s on the record, Harawira’s Party only has bluster to rely on and no results”.

But rest assured, we’ll remind Harawira to turn up to vote this time.”

“And when the Bill comes before the House this afternoon, the Maori Party will continue to oppose the legislation”.

“This has been our position from day one of this Government, when we had our opposition explicitly confirmed in the Relationship Accord (“The M?ori Party does not support partial asset sales. The Government agrees it will not put partial asset sales in confidence and supply measures’).

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  1. Jacqueline Edwards

    This is what I saw - referring to Te Ururoa's comments around track record: They formed from Tariana making a stand against the Labour lead govt decision based around the foreshore and seabed - AWESOME, plenty of support there - but, then they settled - repealed it - and setup the more deadly Takutai Moana Act. Two-headed snake, cause and effect: Coincidently set it up for the energy Min. to sell off mining and fracking rights to highest bidders without a requirememnt to consult public or Iwi. So, Mr Flavell - that!!!!! is what I would call outdated news but - in the bigger picture it is very much relevant and up to date - these are the things that need to be monitored and changed to best suit the needs of the country and the people - not the pocketbook

  2. Hud Rapata

    Not worth commenting on. Just a big fat joke the lot of them. Maori will never unify. We will always be a standing joke to the majority of New Zealand.

  3. Leigh

    Yeah but somebody failed to mention that Hone Harawira was instrumental in leading the FS hikoi 2004. Could go as far as to say that without Hone there would have been NO hikoi and No Maori Party. Who is Te Ururoa Flavell, ow, Hone Harawira is partly the reason you are where you are Mr Flavell. Division was never good for Maori in this case.

  4. Rawiri Tane

    I didnt'hear one Maori Party Parliament member raise objections about Parata Hekia increasing class sizes of our tamariki to save money funny seeing that Te Ururoa was a former principal and Pita sharpals was a University lecturer.The Maori Party know they are toast thats why Pita Sharpals and Tariana Turia have asked not to resign at the next election.

  5. SKG

    This sort of thing happens way too much on the Mana Party's Facebook Site. Propaganda after Propaganda, Combined with Martyn Bomber Bradleys scaremongering and twisting of truths. as long as they keep these tactics up they will remain an insignificant party as no one will take them seriously

  6. Alvina Edwards

    Well, perhaps its because Maori party have supported every other Bill that disadvantages us as a peoples. The people have spoken, therefore, it is automatically entrenched and deeply embedded in the psyche that Maori Party will sell us out on this one too. Not mischievous its a reality.

    1. Ora

      And what bills (plural) might they be Alvina?? And in what ways have they disadvantaged our people?? And don't bring up the FSSB Bill created by Labour, that was later successfully repealed by the Maori Party. There's no need to go over that whole episode again. Like the article says, nothing but scaremongering and misleading mischief. Yes the people have spoken, and Maori Party are still ahead in the polls!! The Maori party have never delibrately nor unintentionally set out to disadvantage Maori people.. They would not be called the MAORI party if they were not GENUINELY there to help the so-called PEOPLE you speak of. Yes even the ungrateful, Mana munchers who are now apologizing for their ignorance.

      1. Alan Armstrong

        Let's not forget it was Te Ururoa's ousting of Hone that led to the formation of MANA, who have several times have offered olive branches the Maori Party rejected. MANA wants unity, but nobody's listening.

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