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Maori ICT Update # 6, 25 June 2012

Kia ora tatou te pukenga ipurangi, e te punaha rorohiko, e nga ringaringa waea – tena koutou, tena koe e te Rangatira.  

Re: Maori ICT Update # 6

- Feedback, Issue #5
- InterNet NZ
- Paymark
Rei Sciascia @ Swiftnet
NetHui 2012
- Digital Maori Forum (DMF); Computers in Homes; Futureintech Ambassadors
- Kiwi Bank Upgrade
Digital Citizenship Guidelines for Secondary Teachers
Word Press Camp 2012 Video
- Tedx Auckland 2012
- Review (?)
- App Camp; Fibre Camp; Wireless Camp

Thank you for all your positive feedback.  It is interesting to watch over the last week the dance between Vodafone and Telstra Clear, to hear muffled moans come from Telecom and Chorus and to see the gathering support for the retention of TVNZ 7.  As we know, millions is spent everyday in the ICT industry and while we physically see the fibre going into the ground and hear the ads promoting the Digital Switch Over, those of us who are listening can clearly hear the mounting frustration and anger growing within our sector.  Hmmm. Not good at all.

Industry lobby group and ex-IT event organizer TUANZ is said to be on the verge of winding up.  Given the good mahi done by Ernie Newman in previous years and with the bro Paul Brislen at the helm today, you would have thought that a critical voice was needed now more than ever.  But then again, maybe not.  Our own efforts to lobby for strong Maori IT policy have met only some success.  Anyway, it would be a shame ki te mate nei a Tuanz.  If you would like to read more, please click here…

Did you know that InternetNZ makes around $7m yearly from the wholesaling of domains?

Or that Paymark, which processes about 75 per cent of all electronic transactions in New Zealand, processed nearly $3.7 billion worth of transactions during April 2012?

It was awesome to hear from Rei Sciascia @ Swiftnet, a whanau business who help connect communities throughout Hastings, with aspirations to grow their Wi Max internet connection service to reach every marae and land block throughout Ngati Kahungunu. He let us know that they stock & sell Apple products and also that we will be seeing him in Auckland next month for NetHui2012. Looking forward bro.

Speaking of which, things have progressed rapidly as we head to the most anticipated IT hui this year: NetHui 2012 in Auckland.  Plans are underway to host a dinner Maori-focused kai and korero dinner on Thursday night. We already have an impressive guest list of Maori IT Movers and Shakers and are about to secure sponsors, so if you can make it, nau mai haere mai.

In his message, Rei mentioned Leon and Leana, members of the Digital Maori Forum (DMF), who were working on a Computers in Homes project.  In similar style, Hemi Bennett and I were guest speakers at the Tokoroa Intermediate assembly to speak as Futureintech Ambassadors  to the students. They loved the animation piece shown to them by Hemi and there might be a possibility of organising an IT Holiday Programme later in the year.  We’ll keep you posted…

We received word from KiwiBank that they had gone looking to update their brand and link with technology partners in an effort to reduce queues, utilise tech to speed up services and “sharpen their image”. With 883 branches and between 500-700k customers each week, it will be no easy feat but definitely one to watch.

A Tweet came thru from Claire Amos asking for feedback on her document Digital Citizenship Guidelines for Secondary Teachers” (which you can access via Google Docs -“).  It is a cool doc that will be used to teach at a secondary school and one of the questions that came up was: “I wonder how definitions of/towards NZ digital citizenship can best be responsive to the Treaty of Waitangi?”  It will be a question put to the Maori NetHui Dinner but if you have the time, please take a look at the doc and send in your thoughts.  Further, what makes a good (or bad) Digital Maori Citizen?

Speaking of digital Maori, our website utilises a Content Management System (CMS) known as Word Press.  WP is till relatively new but we, along with many others, have been able to build good online platforms for Maori organizations around Rotorua.  It does take a lot of time but the effort is well worth it.  Anyway, we got invited to stand up and present at the recent Word Press Camp 2012 to talk about our experiences.  What a crack up!  Check out some of the other awesome presentations here. It was a massive hui and will be held annually.  Wanna come?…

Actually, the bro who organized the Word Press Camp, Jason Kemp, is also busily putting together TedX Auckland 2012. If you have seen the Tedx Talks videos, you know that they can be powerful lessons across a range of different subjects, bringing across fresh thinking to an open audience.  We love ‘em.

Anyone had a tutu of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII yet? Actually, we will find a worthwhile prize to anyone able to write a review on ANY digital product that is useful and is something an ordinary Maori whanau would find think about buying.

I hope to bring you more information about the proposed APP CAMP 2012 next issue. Also, the idea to host both a FIBRE CAMP as well as a WIRELESS CAMP were put forward.  We think these are exceptional ideas, so will take all this korero back to our Lab and see what happens.  

Have a wonderful week whanau and please pass on this panui to your friends. You might lose one or two, but the rest will appreciate the geeky awesomeness to be found within.

Nga mihi aroha,

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Chur Chur!!

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