Gay Maori Boy launches pop track

A gay New Zealander (Maori) once known as a bit of a scandal queen across the Tasman, has recorded a pop track which will be released this weekend.

Jevan Goulter, 23, who once ran for the mayoralty of a small New Zealand town and turned up to the public mayoral debate in drag — and lived in Queensland for a short spell — has recorded a pop track called ‘Loud’ which he hopes “gays will dance to when they’re getting ready to hit the town”.

“It’s a pretty fierce track I reckon,” the 23-year-old says. “It’s got a lot of energy and definitely makes me walk with a bit more swag!”

Goulter now works in New Zealand’s Parliament as a party leader’s Executive Assistant, and came up with the idea for the track while at work one day. “When you watch the activities in Parliament on TV it can be quite loud and quite aggressive, but in reality it’s a pretty quiet place,” he says. “I really needed something to rark it up a bit”.
The video for the track, which will also be released this weekend, features a cameo from the world’s first transgender Mayor and Member of Parliament, Georgina Beyer, as the Pope. “Georgina is ‘marrying’ two guys in the scene, which is my little statement for marriage equality”.
The marriage equality debate in strong in New Zealand as it is here, and Jevan thinks full equality needs to be achieved. “I think it’s pretty bad that consenting adults in New Zealand and Australia can still be discriminated against based on their sexuality. Even if it’s just symbolic, marriage equality needs to happen.”

‘Loud’ launches on iTunes and YouTube this Saturday, 21 July.

High resolution image of Jevan Goulter available.

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