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Dame Whina Cooper doc-maker launches PledgeMe campaign (+video) #tautoko

Dame Whina Cooper doc-maker launches PledgeMe campaign (+video) #tautoko

It’s only a matter of days but Janelle Murphy is determined to complete her mission of raising $2000.00 in order to fulfil a dream. Literally! In 2009 the Auckland-born Maori medium educator had vivid dreams about her Great-grandmother, The Late Great Dame Whina Cooper, where she was asked to begin some of the work she is raising money for.

“It’s been an interesting journey, said Janelle. Working on this project has helped me to understand a lot about myself, and also about my family. But this is only the beginning, there’s a long way to go”.

The campaign to raise money is via popular internet website, PledgeMe which enables budding artists to source money through crowdfunding. There are also hundreds of rewards up for the public to grab.

“Even $5 goes a really long way. The most important thing I believe is gathering the support of the people and creating a positive vibe. This is something I cannot do on my own. I need others to help. Nanny Whina always believed in the people being united, and this is one of my key objectives.”

The deadline to reach the target ends on the 28th of August at 6pm. Janelle and a core of loyal supporters have been working hard to get the word out on Facebook, and also by submitting a promotional video on YouTube. With PledgeMe, it’s all or nothing, so the target (2K) must be reached or no funding will be awarded.

Janelle also mentions that many of the pledges so far are from people not known to her.

“That’s the beauty of it, making new connections while maintaining your old ones. I am so grateful to whoever can give, no matter how small, it is appreciated. That’s one of the reason’s Dame Whina became so famous, she knew the people very intimately, and understood how special they are”.

The promotional page confirms that the funds will aid her in making a documentary and also towards purchasing some filming equipment. The motivation to succeed comes from a place of deep belief, responsibility and awe.

“If Nanny can walk a thousand miles, then I know I can do this. This Work is a gift for Maori and Pakeha alike…in fact for all New Zealanders. But there is more… I just can’t let the cat out of the bag yet. Now all the people have to do is reach out… and receive the gift I am willing to share”.

The Dame Whina Cooper Documentary – The Untold Stories, is a gift for the nation of New Zealand. The pledge you make is more than a monetary donation, it is a seed you are planting for the future generations of Maori and Pakeha.

Dame Whina is one of the most controversial female leaders of her time.  The funds raised from the project will be used to cover costs to enable Janelle and her creative team to extend interview filming, and editing. Previously they have been using money and resources at their own expense, however, the passion to see this come to full fruition has driven them onward.

Janelle is only one of many of Dame Whina Coopers Mokopuna and she has a strong belief that we, her direct descendants, have a responsibility to carry on the work left by our ancestor. A series of surreal dreams and other pivotal events led Janelle to start her journey of finding out what Dame Whina has commissioned her to do. This is it!

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  1. Jodi walker

    Hi janelle, my son is 8 years old, I was told when he was born that his great aunty is dame whina cooper, I was trying to find some information about this and some help where to look, thanks Jodi

  2. Lilly Hanigan

    Great post.. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed... Very useful information specifically the final phase :) I take care of such information a lot... I used to be seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thanks and good luck... Orangeburg Roofing & Painting, 512 Breezy Dr., Orangeburg, SC, 29115, US, 803-566-8577

    1. Janelle Murphy

      Tena Koe Amanda, I will give you a call within the next week or so when I can come up for air. Thank you for that Amanda, your studio is not very far from where I am. Will touch base soon. Kia-Ora!!

  3. Hirini Henare

    Kia kaha koe ki te huarahi e aru hia na e koe mo te kaupapa, maybe into the future and with Hine and Moka Purus blessing and permission, we can talk about the footages I have kept of her. I interviewed grandauntie Whina extensively thruout my time with Te Karere (23 years) and at her request,and I still have the field footages of interviews and other coverage I filmed, including her hui and unveiling. Requests have been made for the footage,but because they were not related to the family, I've refused all of them, including the Te Rarawa Treaty Claimants. Whina was my grand-aunt, compliments of my Peita Whakapapa from Ngatihine Nga mihi hirini

    1. Janelle Murphy

      Tena koe Hirini mo oo korero tautoko mo tenei mahi whakahirahira. Ae, kei a koe te tikanga e paa ana ki ngaa taonga kiriata aa to taua Karani. I am a descendant of Maudie and Ginger, my dad is their youngest boy, name after Matua Moka. So our connection will be through the Peita line coming from Karani Rawi, and Te Waiariki from Ngunguru. nga mihi mahana Janelle

  4. Pualani Maksoer-Ella

    ohh I agree the truth has to come out I have so much respect voor the people who there for there people no matter what I try to do my best to donate some money I wish you a lot of stenght for now and later on Much Respect and Love from europe Holland Amatooooo....Pualani

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