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National Water Summit programme now confirmed (+pdf)

National Water Summit programme now confirmed (+pdf)

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The upcoming National Summit on Water, looks to be heavy hitting and filled with on the ground experiences from those who have actively been dealing with these issues over the years. Speakers include Dr Ranginui Walker, Sir Eddie Durie, Sir Tumu Te Heuheu and Sir Michael Cullen.

There is considerable Te Arawa inclusion with Te Rangikaheke Bidois, Pia Callaghan, Hakopa Paul, Rawiri Te Whare and Roger Pikia.

The following details the programme for the upcoming Summit which is being held in Turangawaewae, Ngaruawahia on Thursday 13 September 2012.

NOTE: Please ensure you register. Attendants will be circulating with clip boards and registration forms.

There will be an open forum at the end of each speaker’s presentation for anyone who wishes to comment or ask questions from the floor.

Speaking order subject to change. 

The whakatau for the Water Hui begins at 11:30am – NAU MAI HAERE MAI


Introduction by Tukoroirangi Morgan

Dr Ranginui Walker

  • The clash between Rangatiratanga and Kawanatanga

Sir Edward Taihukurei Durie

  • Overview of the New Maori Council claim and the findings Waitangi Tribunal

Taipari Munro

  • Protecting the sacred spring of Poroti

The Te Arawa experience

  • Te Rangikaheke Bidois, Pia Callaghan, Hakopa Paul

Sir Michael Cullen

  • Political analysis and formulating next steps

Ngati Whao Ngati Tahu (Rawiri Te Whare, Roger Pikia)

  • Operationalising our rights into Geothermal Power

Sir Tumu Te Heuheu

  • Update of the Iwi leaders working party on Water

Policy and position round up by Political parties

Closing speech by Kiingi Tuheitia


(3) Comments

  1. Hone Te Rire

    I do hope they find a collective solution going forward that also encapsulates the views of our Tauiwi friends, but ensconces profoundly the Maori worldview in a contemporary context - we can go on forever saying 'he taonga te wai, he tupuna - however, there are some iwi saying commodity can fit??? Kioa kaha tatou

  2. Miriam Pierard

    Tena koutou, there are a number of us Pakeha who support Tino Rangatiratanga and would love to attend the hui tomorrow and observe in solidarity with Maori. If anyone who is organising the hui could comment on this it would be much appreciated. We are very happy for iwi to make the decisions here, and we'll respect the wisdom of the kaumatua and kuia concerned.

  3. Whaitikitiki Kimura

    Ka tuatoko ake kia koutou oku rangatira, tena ra koutou katoa! Mai rano tenei ahuatanga na Tauiwi i werohia mai, me te kore e aro tika me te pono ki nga taonga i tukua iho mai i a Kui ma, a Koro ma,otira ratou ra kua wheturangitia, ratou ra kua maringi toto mai e kore tatou e wareware, kon tetahi atu mea nui ko to tatou tino panga ki a Papatuanuku, ki a Ranginui, ki a Tangaroa, a, ake, ake ake, he kaupapa hohonu enei na, noreira, ma Ihoa o nga Mano koutou e manaaki, e arahi, e aroha, e tumanako, e whakapono ake ki a koutou katoa, aianei, akenei ae!

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