Constitutional Advisory Panel

Constitutional Advisory Panel

 The Constitutional Advisory Panel have developed this interim website to house key documents while their engagement website is developed. The engagement website will include information about our constitutional arrangements and more detailed information about how to participate.

September 2012

You are invited to take part in a conversation about New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. We have prepared an Information booklet that is intended to inform and support your conversations with wh?nau, hap?, friends and colleagues.

You are welcome to tailor the information contained in the booklet to suit your specific needs. We hope you will find it a useful conversation starter.

August 2012

Building relationships

We are now in the first stage of our engagement strategy. We are holding “early conversations” with a range of organisations and active networks that represent a significant number of New Zealanders, including M?ori and community organisations. We are asking them to provide a gateway to their members and for advice about how to inspire them to participate.

We have been very encouraged by the interest in and enthusiasm for our engagement with the people of New Zealand.

Information about these meetings, including a list of the groups we have met and the questions we are asking, is on the engagement activities page.

The co-chairs have asked academics to send in references to their constitutional articles. We have also asked Heads of Universities, W?nanga and polytechnics to alert all staff members to the opportunities in this work.

Our Secretariat, on our behalf, has issued a request for proposals from specialist engagement advisers. The advisers will support the Secretariat to implement our engagement strategy, develop and administer our engagement website, edit and publish our information and meeting resources, and design and facilitate face to face meetings with a diverse range of New Zealanders.

Next steps

We expect to launch our engagement website later this year, and will develop and publish other information resources throughout the remainder of the year. We expect to start meeting and hearing from New Zealanders this year, with our engagement programme to start in earnest early next year.

We are committed to hearing from as many New Zealanders as possible, and we are looking forward to the next stage of our work.

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