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UPDATE: Govt & Hapu Water Hui schedule

UPDATE: Govt & Hapu Water Hui schedule

Kia ora tatou, – Waikato/Tainui, Maniapoto, Tuwharetoa, Te Arawa, Aotea, Tuhoe, Ngai Tahu,

Please find attached the intended consultation schedule for the Governments rounds of the Water Hui.

It is my understanding these hui are for those who affiliate to these iwi/rohe and will be directly affected by the Mighty River Power sale.

Starts apopo

Faciliator – Wira Gardiner
Co Chair (elected by Iwi)

Tuesday 18th September – Hamilton 1287 Waikato Stadium – 5.30 – 8.30pm

Weds 19th September 9.30 – 12pm – Wairakei Resort invitees Te Arawa/Tuwharetoa/Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau

Weds 19th September 3.30 – 6pm Whanganui Kingsgate Hotel

26th September – Te Kuiti – Raukawa/Maniapoto – Maniapoto Trust Board – Taupiri Street (not sure what time)

27th September – Waikaremoana – Tuai – 10 – 12.30pm – Waikaremoana District Club Lake/Tuai Main Road

27 th September Christchurch – Rehua Marae 8pm – 10pm

Share this panui with your whanau and if you can get there and find out whats going on….

Mauriora ki a tatou katoa.

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  1. Analisa Rawiri

    The goverment have no right, remember the treaty, all m?ori unite together, Kotahitanga is the key not John Keys who does he think he is. get out there people, have your say, dont sell our taonga. may we all pray to our tupuna and our atua may they guide us as m?ori through these wrong actions of the pakeha in with John Keys, Tu Mai Nga iwi K?toa.Now is the that time.

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