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Hui tells fossil fuel industry to Sod Off!

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Over 40 people from across the Top of the South and West Coast gathered for two days at Te Awhina Marae, in Motueka for the 2012 SODOFF (Stop Our Dependency on Fossil Fuels) Hui.

The Hui brought together people motivated to take action to stop new fossil fuel extraction and prevent runaway climate change in Aotearoa.

A member of the Motueka based group The Renewables, Helen Tulett said, “We’re concerned and outraged about the Government’s mining and drilling plans. Our environment is under threat from companies who seek to make private profit out of natures resources.

This short term profiteering will hurt our region’s natural capital”. She went on to say “The true wealth of the Top of the South and the West Coast is worth defending. Climate change is not being addressed at a global or national level, and acting locally seems the most sensible approach”.

Ms Tulett said “People met to discuss what strategies we can use from here for greater effectiveness, and to build a strong network across the Top of the South and West Coast. We must work alongside people on the West Coast to bring about sustainable solutions to the problems that we all face with Climate Change.

During the SODOFF Hui, the group endorsed the recent declaration made at the Ka Nui! Enough! Extractive industries counter conference held in Rotorua earlier this month.

Ms Tulett commented, “Top of The South groups wanted to send a message of solidarity to those who are also struggling against extractive industries in the North Island”.

See; for full declaration details.

The SODOFF Hui aims to become an annual event, and the organisers are already looking forward to next year. The issue of climate change will only become more pressing and action more urgent as time goes on


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