“Feed the Kids” – a slam dunk for MANA, Hone Harawira

“We are delighted that even National is now supporting MANA’s Feed-the-Kids policy” says MANA leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira.

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English announced over the weekend the government is developing a policy to provide meals for children in low decile schools.

“I was lost for words when I saw the story – in fact I was close to tears when I saw our message on behalf of kiwi kids finally getting support from across the political spectrum. This is a stunning turnaround”.

“Eleven months ago MANA was the only political voice actively campaigning to “Feed the Kids” – one of our four key election messages. Since then the support has mushroomed. It was already there in the Green Party but we have been joined now by Labour, New Zealand First and even National. We’re not complaining. We are delighted”.

“This is a huge win for our kids – one in four of whom are growing up in poverty created by successive National and Labour governments. It’s sad it has taken so long but it is great to have this MANA policy find a home everywhere”.

“We would welcome the government picking up other policies. It’s only a matter of time before the main parties pick up more of our forward-looking policies such as the Hone Heke Financial Transaction Tax”.


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