From the Bosom of Paula Benefit, Chanz Mikaere

From the Bosom of Paula Benefit, Chanz Mikaere

From the Bosom of Paula Benefit

Come more policies and bullshit
The humiliation of asking for a food grant
Is met by….”you should have budget-ed, now you just can’t!”
A big mihi to Sam Kuha on his hunger strike!
Oh Paula, Paula, you’re now JK’s bike!

As a fellow Maori Woman, I am disgusted in you
Under your “care” all broke whanau are screwed
I have no respect for you, or your stock
Or your lips wrapped around JK’s cock
Since acquiring your salary, as a JK Groupie staunch
I see you’ve grown a Nationalite puku paunch,
A bit rounder now, from all that rich kai
Coz when JK says “jump”, you say “HOW HIGH?”
In your bid for fame and perceived power
You have plummeted from the ivory tower
Well, I’m not here to cushion your fall
Kiss my arse if you think I’ll crawl
And beg to jump through your ridiculous hoops
Look in the mirror, how low you’ve stooped!
Compassionate- NO, Empathetic- NEVER
This will be your undoing, so fuck your social measures!

My right as a woman to mother my daughter
A middle class pipe dream put to slaughter
Sold any mana you had to the highest bidder
As an ex beneficiary, you’re a bit of a kidder
You and the Ol’ Premier Knob
Want me to go out and find these “Ghost Jobs”

Demanding 15 hours of early childhood care
The money to pay for this Paula comes from WHERE?
Your salary Paula? Or a slice from John’s?
You would feel persecuted and “that’s just not on!”
They’ve taken your experience of being a DPB mother
To win themselves votes and get you shit smothered
Your status is shortened Paula Paula,
The mountain of lies just gets taller
They made you the DPB prostitute
To take hits for the Institute

Meaningful employment Paula, is what we want
Not another hit by you taking a punt
“Fuck their well-being, we’ll just do this…”
And if they get high, we’ll take their money AND their piss!

That you think we are not a “thinking” population
Without any real education
Highlights your ignorance and attempts to back paddle
Stop riding that Dick you so eagerly straddled!

You so easily beat my kid’s future dead,
Coz you’re colonised, a capitalist and John Key Led

Your Welfare Reforms satisfy the rich
Your new title starts with “B” and ends with itch
That itch is us, biting, scratching you raw
Here to scream for equality, you cannot ignore!
We are human too, despite what you think
Thing about shit, it doesn’t just stick, it stinks!
For any other rich wanker trying to “Champion the Poor”
You can piss off too, don’t use us to score
Especially if you’ve never been here before!
A last special mihi to JK’s whore…

You have joined the 1%, we’re the 99,
Come next election, you’ll join the breadline!
Fuck you Paula Benefit and the Dick you rode in on
Come to my whenua, you will be spit on.

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