MP Hone Harawira arrested at Glen Innes

MP Hone Harawira arrested at Glen Innes

MP for Te Tai Tokerau, Hone Harawira and six other protesters have just been arrested at Glen Innes.

Harawira is said to have parked “his car in front of the house removal truck, cops smashed into it, massive conflict erupted.”

Facebook whanau, that are there on the ground, are saying Hilda Halkyard-Harawira is also there in support of the people of Glen Innes and giving a korero tautoko. confirmed this with Mana’s Media spokesperson.

More info as it comes to hand.

(Photo courtesy of Lisa Gibson)

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  1. Mitch Santell

    Kia Ora, Everything that the powers that be are doing to America they are doing to New Zealand. New Zealand is now part of NATO and the TPPA is just like NAFTA. John Key has been brought in to sell off assets. Why? The idea is to turn New Zealand into a Corporatocracy, a term used to suggest an economic and political system is controlled by corporations or corporate interests. This is the reason they brought in the super city in Auckland. This is the reason that the Canterbury City Counsel was fired prior to the Christ Church earthquake. Be aware that 1000 Kiwi's a week are exiting the country. Be aware that an Australian company was awarded the contract to promote New Zealand. One million less Kiwi's voted in the last election here in New Zealand. Why? Because the main stream media here said that John Key would win and they pitched and pushed this position. In 2007, I watched them arrest Maori's and claim it was a terrorist act. December 21, 2012 is not the end of the is the beginning of the end. They want to bring in a new world order, a single global government controlled by the United Nations. Even Helen Clarke who served 3 terms as Prime Minister holds a big position at the United Nations. If you have a story you wish to share, please email me directly at: or

  2. Jenny Munro

    I am writing support Hone Harawira. I to was disturbed to read what had happened. This country is under attack by big business and a very powerful banking system. A group of people behind these organisation are pulling the strings. Our food, water and air are rapidly being polluted. We now have in place laws that threaten our freedom as individual citizens. I first became aware of these problems when I went to parliament to protest about the Therapeutic bill that was going through parliament in 2006. This was successfully stopped at that time, because of the Treaty of Waitangi. They are now back with a vengeance currently pushing through the Natural Health Bill and the Food BIll. Without going into a lot, of detail here these two bills are designed to remove our access to natural medicine and ultimately ban organic fruit and vegetables in New Zealand. The country has been divided up for stealing our oil and gas. There is so much information on the dangers of fracking. Once our waters are polluted we have a big problem. We must start to speak up. While I applaud Hone trying to make a difference in parliament, I believe our only chance is to follow Iceland's lead. Inform enough people and we can change things. I am now speaking up, with varied reactions from people, as they are hearing a different view point from the corporate controlled media.It does take time to change people’s thinking. I am a 61 years old, Pakeha, a mother and a grandmother. I will continue to fight for all the children in New Zealand. I voted for Hone in the last election as I saw him as an honest man. I have written this letter to you to show that there is growing group of people in NZ who are deeply concerned by what is happening. This group cuts across, culture, race and age. We must start to work together. Jenny Munro

  3. Elizabeth Wilson

    Well well well... The Euro pagan and Zionists evil offspring are slowly falling into line huh and it has arrived on our not so pristine shores huh,.in the disguise of a free Westernized Commonwealth country huh. The law and the Governent have been falling over each other to get this man behind bars so they can throw that fatass puppet traitor Sonny Tau and his illegal agenda plus his band of fucked up greedy pigs into power. It's all been planned and Hone fell right into their trap. Becoz the .

  4. Renata Tawhai Tawhito-ki-te-Rangi Makarati

    Wish i was there with you Hone ,Hilda, and crew, to all those who support, especially our Mana Movement, kia kaha, kia toa,kia manawanui, the law, ie, nga ture pakeha, have FUUUCCKKKEEDDD UP again,"BIG TIME" dot com, was right all along, get him to support Mana, not Nat Heads, go hard my brothers we are counted , we will make a difference.

  5. Lisa Sparvier

    Hone, you are a role model we need more people like you in my territory,we need to band together and fight what needs to be right from all the wrong doings of our pale brothers!!!

  6. Kiwicando

    Same tune different day: Hone knows its time to stand and face the consequences: traitors have taken over the police and government. Watch this to see the veil of legitimacy removed:

  7. mike hk

    im hong kong chinese and i fully support hone in what he does because he always remains true to himself and the people he believes in, but its time for him to start changing tactics and i suppose in a way be more white as this land is ruled by the westernised government, alao its time for mana to become a greater power and leading party only way to do this is to start branching out to encompass all the disillusioned voters who dont bother going to vote

  8. Ralph WaiWai

    This act of violence by police against peaceful protest will be fought in court and behind the scenes by an increasingly angry humanitarian public. Ramming his car will earn the driver his day in court and and a blacklisting online. Be calm whanau.

  9. Janey

    perennial theme, we see time & time again. Protestors, social activists arrested. Hone's car slammed into by a cop car...shiiish this isn't racism its elitism, its globalism waves washing over these lands. I say it isn;t racism cause John Minto got smashed ova at these protests too. KIA KAHA KIA MAIA, to all the protestors at Glenn Innes. Stupid reactionary d'head cops strike again.

  10. Rosey Tangaroawhai

    The war has begun against humanitarian rights. The government are muscling into position to take full ownership of our lands. This is just a sample of what is to come. The government have NO POWER over the people behind the scenes. These people are ruthless and The POLICE have no power over how they are being controlled. The people will have no power over DICTATORSHIP. We MUST ALL STOP BEING SLAVES AND REFUSE TO CONFORM TO THE GREED of the ELITE BANKERS. We are not powerless. We are that last of the Wild frontier and we stood fast to protect whats ours. I am shocked that they would dare to ram into Hones CAR. It is a deliberate incitement to aggravate M?ori so they can lock us ALL up in their privatized jails in order to claim VICTORY AT LAST OF AOTEAROA. Can you NOT SEE WHAT I SEE???

  11. Jane Poetsch

    Cops smashed into Hone's car!!! Shame on the police!!!! Where is the right to protest!!!! Or was this fuelled by racism!!!!

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