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Award winning Maori designer to celebrate launch of new collection on TVOne's Breakfast Show

Award winning Maori designer to celebrate launch of new collection on TVOne’s Breakfast Show

Award winning fashion designer Adrienne Whitewood (Rongowhakaata) will be on TVOne’s Breakfast Show this Thursday (15 Nov at 11.38am) to discuss winning the Cult Couture award last month and will be celebrating the launch of her Spring Summer 2013 Collection. Whitewood’s winning piece “Taniko”, finds a nexus between Lady Gaga and more traditional Maori costume is a garment constructed from thousands of tiny woollen stitches woven on board.

The Cult Couture pulls together a eclectic mix of theatre, music, dance and fashion and celebrates the cultural flavours, innovation and originality emanating from Aotearoa’s fashion industry. The Cult Couture Awards encourage designers to push boundaries and create truly unique one off garments.

Whitewood’s Spring Summer 2013 Collection has also just been launched and is inspired by her hometown of Rotorua, with shades of gunmetal Lava (which remind us of the beautiful pumice that is scattered along the shores of Lake Rotorua.

Never one to pause, Whitewood is currently working on a 700 piece collection with fellow designer Amiria Skipworth for next year’s National Kapa Haka festival, Te Matatini 2013.

About the Collection | Taniko

Inspired from traditional taaniko, we have printed taniko border on light summer fabrics such as silk tissue, cotton/silk blends and tencel. Colour palette is inspired by the geothermal wonderland of our hometown, Rotorua - with shades of gunmetal Lava and creamy lullaby.  Silhouettes are chic, nipped waists, beautiful pintucks, clever use of light fabrics and gorgeously finished necks.

Prefectly light and fresh for the summer winds!

Bio | Adrienne Whitewood

Currently based in Rotorua with her work/showroom at RAVE (Rotorua Arts Village) She graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Design in 2009, established her label Adrienne Whitewood in 2010. She has shown at NZ Fashion week for the last two years and is currently studying towards a Diploma in Maori at Te Wananga O Aotearoa.

Inspired by Maori art and culture, Adrienne Whitewood takes traditional concepts and with them invents unique silhouettes exploring fabric manipulation and technology, her ethos is all about creating wearable clothing for women who want an emotional connection to clothing.

In 2010 She debuted her first collection titled; “Kimihia He Ngaro (Search for the unseen unobtainable)”at NZFW and Most recently early in 2011 Adrienne Won the Supreme title at the Miromoda Fashion awards with her Collection “Te Aho Tapu (the sacred thread)” which will be shown at this year’s NZFW, part of her prize package will see her head to Melbourne fashion week, and be mentored by Jack Yan (Lucire Magazine) who has stated that “She has one of the strongest futures out of any of the contestants that have ever entered Miromoda’.

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