Exceptional Maori Medical Students earn John McLeod Scholarships

Exceptional Maori Medical Students earn John McLeod Scholarships

Every year, a select group of applicants to the Ministry of Health’s Hauora Maori scholarship programme are awarded a John McLeod Scholarship. In 2012, from 623 successful Hauora Maori scholars, two students received John McLeod Scholarships.

Eugene Michael (Ngati Kahu, Ngati Tuwharetoa) and Reuben Kirk (Ngai Tuhoe) were each awarded a John McLeod scholarship, worth $10,000. These scholarships are named for Dr John McLeod, renown nationally and internationally for his work in public health and contribution to Maori health, and are presented to high academic achievers who also show selfless commitment to their colleagues and communities.

Eugene Michael (Ngati Kahu, Ngati Tuwharetoa)

This year Eugene Michael has completed his sixth year of study for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and has started work at Auckland District Health Board. Already a qualified pharmacist, having completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Otago University in 2003, Eugene’s work in South Auckland communities inspired him to rethink his career choice and study medicine.

Reuben Kirk  (Ngai Tuhoe)

Reuben Kirk completed a Master of Health Practice in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2007 and worked as a physiotherapist in both public sector and private practice before choosing to study medicine. The John McLeod scholarship supports Reuben as he enters his third year of study for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at The University of Auckland.

About the Hauora Maori Scholarships

The Hauora Maori Scholarships are provided to students who are undertaking or completing a course in health and disability studies.The scholarships are funded under the Maori Provider Development Scheme to achieve greater participation by Maori in the health and disability workforce and to help ensure the delivery of health services for Maori. The John McLeod Scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants in this programme.

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