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Maori News is our Daily Commitment

Maori News is our Daily Commitment

MihiAroha2013It is a beautiful day here in Rotorua, as our daughter Hiona plays under the hose with her cousin Te Aroha, a cicada singing proudly in the background.

For our little whanau, 2012 transitioned smoothly into 2013. It was awesome to know that we had mahi over the christmas break and that we would be getting paid after new years. It must be the first year in 5 years where we had money after Christmas day.

Being in business for yourself ain’t easy, especially when Maori news online is free, but we still manage to make banquet meals out of noodles, fresh veges & iced water and continue to proudly and defiantly present positive Maori news on your computer, your iPhone and now on the iPad (our android Maori news app is currently being developed so more soon on that mahi).

And that’s what prompted our website upgrade - to get back to basics and to start gathering together Maori news to share with whanau everywhere. To connect whanau at home with those who have moved to new destinations. To inspire and offer challenging discourse to public & government policy. To remember back. started as a ‘Patuwatawata’ to safely store our ePanui, Rangikainga. Besides the online contribution of 2 Maori IT enthusiasts (nga mihi ki a Ross Himona e te aroha ki a Robyn Kamira – kia ora korua), very little Maori content existed online back in 1999 and the little that had been uploaded was written by international travellers fascinated by our culture or unchallenged racist Pakeha kicking Maori semi-anonymously in cyberspace.  We quietly worked away from the Haters, sending a weekly email panui to friends and whanau, who in turn sent to their network.  This was the Kumara Vine showing Social Media how to do it. Nah, but really.

It wasn’t long before more and more Maori made it to the digital common ground, and today thanks in large part to Facebook, Email, Skype and Mobile Phones, nearly every whanau has at least one connected member.

Ae, so back to mahi for us.

Our website – – is the online space we nurture and grow every day (and much of the night ktk), bringing together information to share and panui to announce.

We also share korero on our Maori News Facebook group.

Also up on Twitter @Digital Maori ad a few others out there. Google us and you’re bound to see us, holding up with wall in the cyber background, quietly getting our Maori on, you know.

Our upstairs office above Cash Convertors (ki Rotorua) was the 2012 central point for a digital comms, online strategy, website builds, mobile app development and registration design. This year, 2013 is the time where we take a fresh new look at those areas and extend further into supporting local IT entrepreneurs by opening a “Soft Office” where you can sit, connect, charge and get working in a fully equipped open plan studio space. We will build more digital tools that whanau are asking for (such as a digital resource that merges traditional hapu and marae imagery with numeracy and literacy lessons) and look to sustainability as we aim to take on-board up to 13 new positions over the coming weeks, months.

Heoi ano – e tetahi anei whakaaro.  Nga Tangata Maori are our passion and delivering important and immediate Maori news is our daily commitment.  Our 3 Kaupapa are: AROHA (We do this mahi for LOVE and with LOVE), WHAKATIKA (Make sure our whakaaro is pai) and MANAAKI (Create a safe digital space for Maori in the 21st Century)

We remain honoured to be supported by many different whanau and look toward to struggling once more toward new heights which we might collectively reach in this radiant new year. Kokiri hii.


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