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Tuia Te Ako 2013 - National Maori Tertiary Educators hui - Register Now

Tuia Te Ako 2013 – National Maori Tertiary Educators hui – Register Now

AkoHui1 Tuia Te Ako is gaining a strong reputation across the tertiary sector for its efforts to bring together prominent leaders in Maori tertiary education, iwi-based tertiary groups, individuals from the broader tertiary sector, and learners, in one hui dedicated to supporting future success of all Maori in tertiary education.

The hui is a platform for discussion and debate about what success may look like for Maori in tertiary education into the future, and how we work to raise levels of success for all.

The hui provides opportunities for people to share ideas, to network and learn from each other, and take away those ideas to use in their own teaching and learning environments.

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  • Standard rate – $201.25 (incl. GST)
  • Group booking – 10% discount (5+ people)
  • Accommodation options are available on campus

Key focus of the hui

The following statement overarches all of the presentations at Tuia Te Ako 2013:

[sws_grey_box box_size="610"] In 2005 Maori became the highest participating ethnic group in tertiary education. Maori dominate enrolments in wananga, and their numbers continue to rise elsewhere in the tertiary sector. Some Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs), where Maori enrolments match the national demographic, are predicting that Maori will comprise 40 percent of their enrolments within a decade.

However, across most of the rest of the sector, Maori enrolments are well behind Pakeha and are predominantly for lower level qualifications. While Maori outcomes are improving in some parts of the sector, in other parts the gaps between Maori and Pakeha are widening.

What will make a difference to improving outcomes for Maori learners in the future? What can wananga, universities, ITPs, private training establishments and Industry Training Organisations do to make a difference? How can the sector work with iwi and Maori to ensure improved outcomes for Maori? [/sws_grey_box]

Key focus for attendees

We look forward to exploring these issues with everyone and encourage attendees to consider the following questions in relation to the above statement:

  • What does this mean for me in my classroom or teaching situation?
  • What does working with Maori mean for my tertiary institution? and conversely,
  • How do I (as Maori) work with my tertiary institution?

Co-hosts – Ako Aotearoa and Te Wananga o Raukawa

This year, Te Wananga o Raukawa joins Ako Aotearoa (The National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence) as co-hosts, and the three-day hui will take place at the wananga’s prestigious new facility Nga Purapura at its Otaki campus.

This is the first time the hui has welcomed a co-host and Te Runanga Maori (Ako Aotearoa’s Maori Caucus) and Te Manu Matauranga (the hui committee) are honoured to share this hosting role with such a committed exemplar of Maori tertiary education.

Hui Themes

The hui themes guiding the hui in 2013 relate to learner success and in particular the place of whanau, hapu and iwi, the use of Matauranga Maori and the setting of high standards within a contemporary setting:

  • Whakapapa – the relationship of tertiary provision to whanau, hapu and iwi aspirations
  • Matauranga Maori – growing the matauranga continuum to assist and ensure the survival and wellbeing of Maori
  • Kairangi – creating innovative solutions to contemporary issues.

These themes have been developed with careful consideration of four key drivers:

  • The need to build on the past two Tuia Te Ako hui, including attendee feedback
  • Te Rununga Maori and Te Manu Matauranga’s understanding of the key issues for Maori in tertiary education
  • Ongoing consultation with the sector
  • Ako Aotearoa’s Te Tauaki Ako (Ako Framework)

Exciting presenter line-up

The strong programme reflects the commitment shown by Maori tertiary whanau to the hui and the future success of Maori in tertiary education.



Emeritus Professor Sir Mason Durie – Ngati Kauwhata, Ngati Raukawa, Rangitane
Hui Theme: Whakapapa







Pania Papa – Ngati Koroki-Kahukura, Ngati Mahuta (Tainui waka)

Hui Theme: Matauranga Maori







Ani MikaereNgati Raukawa, Ngati Porou

Hui theme: Kairangi






Keynote addresses from Emeritus Professor Sir Mason Durie, Pania Papa and Ani Mikaere will be followed by equally exciting and dynamic presentations from: Dr Rawiri Taonui, Dr Poia Rewi, Dr Rawinia Higgins, Professor Angus MacFarlane, Dr Rangi Matamua, Ivy Harper, Mana Elizabeth Hunkin and many more.

  • Join Tuia Te Ako 2013 on Facebook and have your say about the key issues and themes driving this hui.

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