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Project Coordinator, Taranaki District Health Board, closes 16 July

Whakatipuranga Rima Rau – Towards 500 Maori Health and Disability Workforce Development Project Coordinator

Whakatipuranga Rima Rau is an exciting new project under which Te Whare Punanga Korero Trust representing the eight iwi of Taranaki, the Taranaki District Health Board, Work and Income department of the Ministry of Social Development and Te Puni Kokiri have come together “To create 500 employment opportunities for Maori within the Taranaki health and disability sector over the next 10 years”.

The project needs a highly motivated professional person to take on a three-year appointment to coordinate the wide range of activity and stakeholder engagements envisaged by the project to promote, support, deliver and fund Maori into many and varied health career pathways.

If you have a passion for Maori development and satisfy the following criteria then we would like to hear from you:

  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills in English and ideally in te reo Maori as well;
  • Must be confident and positive in interpersonal relationships;
  • Must be knowledgeable of the Maori health, social and/or education sectors in Taranaki;
  • Must have a high degree of computer literacy;
  • Must be the holder of a tertiary qualification in a related discipline.

If you would like to be considered for this role please send your letter of application together with detailed CV to reach us no later than Friday 16 July 2010 to:

“Confidential Application For Vacancy”
Whakatipuranga Rima Rau Project
C/- Ngawai Henare
Taranaki District Health Board
Private Bag 2016
New Plymouth 4342

Further information including job description and project brief are available from Ngawai Henare, Chief Advisor Maori Health, Taranaki District Health Board on 06 753 8632 or email

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