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  • Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 5 by Olly Ohlson

    Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 5 by Olly Ohlson

    Some of the students, online as well as in Home study groups take a while to get used to thinking differently about the material they receive as it is based on wananga language meaning that it is metaphysical i.e. literally on another level to the physical language used in everyday life. ...

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  • Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 4, by Olly Ohlson

    Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 4, by Olly Ohlson

    One of the messages contained in the poutama tukutuku is ‘no matter how much we learn, there is more to learn’ – I love that. It’s obvious that our wise ancestors communicated on many levels through oral as well as simple arts & craft forms so that stories were phrased and told in ...

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  • Waiting lists are failing Maori patients

    Waiting lists are failing Maori patients

    (NZDOCTOR) Heart surgery waiting lists are failing Maori patients by ignoring their more serious disease states and worse outcomes, Auckland cardiologist Harvey White says. Once they reach a wait list for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), #Maori should be given higher priority, says ...

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  • Maori worst affected by gout

    Maori worst affected by gout

    (RadioNZ) The levels of gout in New Zealand are reaching epidemic proportions, with Maori the worst affected, a specialist researcher says. Jacquie Harper of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research said about 6 percent of New Zealanders suffered from gout – twice the international ...

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  • Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 3, by Olly Ohlson

    Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 3, by Olly Ohlson

    As I’ve mentioned previously I have defined mauri as being – the consciousness energy that is in and around all living things. This definition took me a while to settle on as I wanted to do justice to all of the information I had been given at various stages of my life. I have to […]

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  • Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 2

    Mauri Hauora Walk Talk 2

    Kia ora! It was some years when I realized that that particularly simple small greeting meant – may you enjoy good health forever.  I was flabbergasted at that. I just thought, like so many others, that it meant – hello. So once again I say to you – kia ora! What a neat way to […]

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  • Grave Digging Course, Huntly

    Grave Digging Course, Huntly

    The Taupiri Maunga Committee will be holding a Grave Digging Course Information Day this Saturday 12 April! The info day starts at 9am and is being at Kaitumutumu Marae in Huntly. If you’re interested or would like to learn more about this kaupapa then contact Chas Paki on 07 829 9880 or 022 ...

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  • Mauri Hauora Walk Talk

    Mauri Hauora Walk Talk

    About the symbols used in kowhaiwhai, tukutuku and carvings; what are they about really? For years I felt that there were deeper and more meaningful messages hidden within them but I couldn’t find anything that would support that … until I took up religious studies. I discovered metaphysics and ...

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