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  • Maori News is our Daily Commitment

    Maori News is our Daily Commitment

    It is a beautiful day here in Rotorua, as our daughter Hiona plays under the hose with her cousin Te Aroha, a cicada singing proudly in the background. For our little whanau, 2012 transitioned smoothly into 2013. It was awesome to know that we had mahi over the christmas break and that we would ...

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  • How safe is your whakapapa?

    How safe is your whakapapa?

    A few years ago, I was talking to my Koro Rangiora ‘Dutch’ Rakuraku about the mahi we did here at and the issue of whakapapa came up. We talked about how necessary it was to get more positive Maori news out to the people, to keep everyone informed and involved.  He said we had ...

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  • Hori 3.0 > Have a Happy Hangi New Year!!

    Hori 3.0 > Have a Happy Hangi New Year!!

    Morena! Morena!  Faaa, long time, no blog. Cuz, it has been fierce here in  First there was that Big March to protest against the Government wanting to mine all our whenua, then came that Big Budget where everyone got trimmed back but a few got a little more, then the ...

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  • Hori 3.0: HARVEST THIS!!

    Hori 3.0: HARVEST THIS!!

    Morena. Morena. Since this page is being posted mostly to annoy those eggs about to harvest online Maori information without even considering or consulting. For you, the Harvester, say hello to my little friend: Hope it was good for you as it was for me.  Wait a minute, you didn’t even ...

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  • Hori3.0: Blog-iti

    Hori3.0: Blog-iti

    Morena! Morena! Just a short blog today – haven’t felt like we’ve done much since the last time, although we hear Campbell Live might get the chop, I still love Mince & Cheese Pies and there is a meeting tonite to start plans for the Poukai here in Rotorua.  The Poukai is ...

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  • Hori 3.0: They said WHAT about Waitangi...??

    Hori 3.0: They said WHAT about Waitangi…??

    Morena! Morena!! It has been fantastic being home.  Rotorua, for all its smell and rain, has been very hot and muggy.  We spent over 2 months with whanau, first in the Gold Coast and then in California, learning a little more about each other.  Our children had a great time with their Opa and ...

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  • Hori 3.0: Te Waahi o Tangaroa

    Hori 3.0: Te Waahi o Tangaroa

    Morena! Morena! Now I know that all the talk has been about how beautiful the ocean is when the sun is shining and how too many dodgy dudes are stealing (others politely call it poaching) more paua than you can cream but after reading about the cat and mouse game being played by Green Peace ...

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