Rawiri Taonui: Online

Rawiri Taonui: Online

RawiriTaonuiPTangataWhenua.com is delighted to bring to you the korero of Associate Professor Rawiri Taonui. Please find his most recent column below:

Partnership gives reason for hope (NZ Herald: 4 Feb 2010)


Professor Taonui is an experienced and well known Maori academic. He has won four writing awards including three Qantas Media Awards and one Montana Book Award.

His fields of expertise include Matauranga Maori, Kaupapa Maori, oral traditions, whakapapa, Treaty issues, indigenous peoples, human rights and counter theory.

He has completed several exploratory journeys in New Zealand retracing the footsteps of well known Maori ancestors.

He is widely regarded as cool.


Ngati Te Taonui, Te Hikutu, Te Kapotai, Ngati Wheeru, Ngati Rora


Head of School of Maori and Indigenous Studies, Canterbury University
Associate Professor


BA, MA (Hons I), DipBus, PhD