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Please find below a series of podcasts we created in 2007:

Wednesday 31 May 2007 – Issue 9 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
Matariki, the Maori New Year – Today we talk about the changing seasons and the appearance of Matariki, a sacred and significant group of stars (Pleiades) in the night sky and what many consider the start of the Maori New Year…

Wednesday 16 May 2007 – Issue 8 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
Maori Meeting Houses around the world – discusses the many Whare Tipuna and Whare Whakairo that are located around the world. We highlight all known Wharenui located in America, England, Germany and Hawaii, some bought and sold, some sitting in museums, some replicated, one returned, all missed and remembered…

Wednesday 28 Mar 2007 – Issue 5 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
The View from the Shoulders of Giants Leaders of Inspiration, Thinking and Connecting – Today we discuss three leaders who are champions of diversity and indigeinity, who each uniquely empower, inspire and challenge us…

Wednesday 13 Mar 2007 – Issue 4 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
Our children ARE our taonga (our gifted treasures) – This feature discusses the issues and challenges that emerge when society attempts to take away a parent’s right to “smack” their child, an issue that is currently before the New Zealand government…

Wednesday 27 Feb 2007 – Issue 3 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
Articulating Maori Economies in the New Millennium – This podcast details a recent seminar which we attended focusing on the issues facing Maori in an increasingly globalised and commercial world…

Wednesday 14 Feb 2007 – Issue 2 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
A Vision for the Future: Creating a Constitution – Issue 2 discusses the challenges of creating a constitution which reflects indigenous and Maori world views…

Wednesday 24 Jan 2007 – Issue 1 LISTEN DOWNLOAD
A New Beginning, He Tiimatanga Hou – This podcast provides the 2006 year in review of all things relevant to Te Ao Maori and indigenous development…

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