History of TW.com

History of TW.com

tangatawhenuaTangataWhenua.com is a Maori owned and operated information and communications technology company, specialising in all things digital and indigenous. We like to think of ourselves at the frontier of the Maori ICT sector.

We began in 2002 with an ePanui (RANGIKAINGA) which over the years developed into a news and information portal that has become one of the most popular independent Maori news providers in the World.

The Digital Kumara Vine

When we began, we noted that even though there was heaps of online discussion relevant to Maori whanui there was little in the way of a website which promoted positive Maori news and info from a Maori perspective. After just three ePanui the community’s response was overwhelming and we set out to create something we hadn’t seen before. At the end of our first run RANGIKAINGA had over 1400 subscribers, we now have over 7,000 readers on our database, get over 40,000 page views a month and have access to over 120,000 Maori via our Social Networks.

The name RANGIKAINGA literally means ‘Celestial Blessing’. The impetus for the development of the ePanui and later the website was to use ICT to share relevant news and information which addressed local indigenous issues while promoting new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. Additionally, as whanau have spread across the globe there is an increased need to provide a network which can assist in connecting them.

The decision was made to actively engage in developing an indigenous community-based organisation model that would meet the needs of both subscribers and advertisers. The domain name www.TangataWhenua.com was registered soon after. In 2005, RANGIKAINGA received a commendation from the Human Rights Commission for its positive contribution to race relations.

Getting BONAfide

In 2006, RANGIKAINGA received an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) by the National Library of New Zealand – Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa confirming its place as a period serial. RANGIKAINGA is the only newsletter of its kind in the world. In 2007 TangataWhenua.com received an entry in Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, confirming its importance in terms of Maori development in ICT.

Atutahi rocking a Google Aotearoa t-shirtGoogle Maori

In 2007, TangataWhenua.com began facilitating the Google Maori Project. The aim of the project was to translate the Google Search Interface into Maori allowing users around the world to search Google totally in te reo Maori.

The project was picked up heavily by mainstream media and was featured on the front page of the New Zealand Herald. Interviews were given to National Radio, Radio Waatea, bFM, NuiMF, Native Affairs and Mana Magazine. Not long after, Te Taura Whiri – the Maori Language Commission pledged their support to assist with the project. The project was launched during Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2008 and is now used as the number 1 te reo Maori focused search engine in the world. In August 2009 began working on Stage 2 of Google in Your Language Maori (the Google Maori Project).

Digital Comms for Maori Organisations

In late 2008 we took on TangataWhenua.com full-time. We now specialise in Maori Communication Services (websites, databases, communication strategies) as well as use our online networks to promote Advertising and Public Service campaigns (most recently this included promoting Boy to Maori communities and working with 2Degrees)

He Kaupapa

To provide exceptional , relevant , and independent news, events & information to Maori and those working with and interested in indigenous communities in an effort to strengthen online Maori networks and businesses.

He Mahi

Our goal is to provide an exceptional communication services. We will achieve this by:

  • Developing a digital space that gives voice to Maori communities around the world;
  • Forging strong community networks;
  • To use cutting-edge digital technology to engage with members (podcasts, social networks, etc.)
  • Being responsive to Maori tino rangatiratanga, aspirations and concerns;
  • Providing up-to-date and relevant coverage of news, information and events affecting Maori;
  • Creating a platform on which Maori community and commercial exchanges can be developed.

We hope to continue to provide these valuable services by actively seeking sponsorship and advertising support from organisations, businesses and community groups willing to tautoko the kaupapa and wishing to make use of this cutting-edge and unique digital opportunity.

We thank you again for supporting us and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Potaua, Nikolasa, Atutahi & Hiona Biasiny-Tule
TangataWhenua.com Ltd

Contact us anytime – panui@tangatawhenua.com