World Indigenous Housing Conference—Sharing Our Stories; Sharing Our Successes

World Indigenous Housing Conference—Sharing Our Stories; Sharing Our Successes

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World Indigenous Housing Conference

11 – 15 June, 2012,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This will be the first international event to bring Indigenous housing leaders and senior government officials from around the world together to learn from best practices, build a global network, and showcase Indigenous cultures. More than 1,000 delegates from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States are expected to participate in this strategic event, giving delegates and sponsors access to an international arena of influential leaders and decision makers in Indigenous housing. One of the key outcomes of the World Indigenous Housing Conference (WIHC) is an assertion that “successful Indigenous housing devolution requires resources and capacity building and those National governments around the world must enact legislation and allocate adequate resources to Indigenous housing to build capacity within Indigenous communities and devolve housing programs to Indigenous self-management”. This stance and the development of thinking on how we might operationalize this here in Aotearoa will be of benefit to all Maori.

Benefits to Delegates and the Maori Housing Sector


Our aim is to take a co-ordinated delegation group that represent those who are active in Maori Housing and Community Development. By co-ordination, we are looking to develop and strengthen relationships among the group before, during and after the conference, arriving as a collective to the conference, supporting our speakers in their presentations and maximising our collective strength to take key learning’s and apply them here in Aotearoa.
There are a range of significant outcomes the WIHC is looking to achieve to benefit indigenous peoples & their housing circumstances

Our delegate group will be able to connect with key indigenous leaders who will exchange ideas on how to advance indigenous housing self-management in different jurisdictions. Housing managers will share a spectrum of achievements in governance and capacity building. Indigenous leaders will reveal best practices in their own communities.

Our Maori housing practitioners will have the opportunity to share expertise and build powerful connections with an influential gathering of leaders from Canada, the United States, Australia and other developed countries that share common Indigenous housing experiences. By being exposed to key speakers under the key themes: Sharing Our Stories, Governance and Capacity Building, Government Partnerships, Housing as a Determinant of Health, and Disaster Preparedness WIHC attendees may be able to better strategise, contribute and plan housing developments at whanau, hapu and iwi levels.

Despite the fact that Maori are recognised in the indigenous world as leaders in education, language revitalization, broadcasting and economic development, Maori are still to make their mark internationally as leaders in the housing sector. We have many fine examples of Maori best practice housing models. The WIHC will provide an excellent chance for our practitioners to shine in an international arena.

Partnerships – Support


The co-ordinated delegation group has been endorsed by the Iwi Leaders Group (Housing) and the New-Zealand Coalition to end Homelessness. Members of Te Matapihi – He Tirohanga mo te Iwi Trust will be presenting at the WIHC and will be part of the delegation group.



The Conference has been promoted through a range of networks and at the National Maori Housing Conference March 2012. The Delegation has a broad representation from Iwi and Maori organisations which are active or seek to be active in the housing sector. These are the individuals and organisations which will make a significant contribution to the sector both at a grass roots level and at a national level.

As a member of the World Indigenous Housing Conference Steering Committee I would like to keep our people at home posted with my experiences whilst in Vancouver. If you have any questions or anything specific you would like me to ask whilst there, feel free to send me an email or via twitter

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