May 14, 2021

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Ngati Haka Patuheuheu cry out to be heard

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Waiohau_Marae_copy_op_800x513Update: Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavel met with protesters who blocked road access to as many as 60 dairy farms near Murupara in the Bay of Plenty on Monday. The MP met with members of the disgruntled hapu at Waiohau Marae at 1pm. Mr Flavell says the group’s issues are being taken seriously and he’s hoping for a peaceful outcome. The demonstrators say they’ve been excluded from Treaty negotiations.  The vehicles of the protesters were cleared from both ends of the Galatea Road on Monday afternoon. Fonterra says tankers had to be rerouted, because they could not reach many farm gates. The hapu expects the road block to resume, but says it could be called off depending on Tuesday’s meeting.

(Kia ora to Radio NZ for this update)

Ngati Haka Patuheuheu cry out to be heard

Land protesters who blocked a road between Murupara and Whakatane say they will continue to occupy the site until their grievances are met.

The group of 20 Ngati Haka Patuheuheu hapu members blocked traffic on the road at Snake Hill, east of Waiohau, for 14 hours yesterday until police forced them to reopen it.  Traffic was diverted on to a forestry road before the Snake Hill road was reopened and the group moved to the verge, where they have set up camp.

Hapu spokeswoman Ani Hare said the group was opposed to discussions between the Crown and Te Kotahi a Tuhoe, the main Tuhoe negotiating body for land claims in the Kaingaroa Forest. Mrs Hare, 73, who is Waiohau School principal, said the hapu was angry at being excluded.

An agreement in principle is to be discussed today at hui throughout the Tuhoe region. Mrs Hare said it was unacceptable that 15 of the 32 Tuhoe hapu would not be represented.

It has been almost a year since hapu and individuals withdrew support for land claims being negotiated by Tuhoe with the Crown,” she said.


3 thoughts on “Ngati Haka Patuheuheu cry out to be heard

  1. Ko te raru, kare a ratou ma e hiahia ana ki te hoatu te mana o nga kereme ki nga hapu, Ae kare e mutu te whaiwhai cuzzy

  2. All the hapu of Tuhoe should have fair and equal representation for all its claims. If 15 out of 32 hapu of Tuhoe are not being represented than this behaviour or process is tantamount to a Dictatorial style of leadership. Ngati Haka-Patuheuheu have every right to be upset. Traditional Maori decision-making processes driven and guided by kaupapa Maori should be followed and NOT a first past the post voting system. This is a Pakeha system that divides and conquers; it leaves the minority in a diminished state. I support Ngati Haka-Patuheuheu and Te Umutaoroa in their stand for Tino Rangatiratanga. Koutou ra o Tuhoe, whakarauika mai i runga i te whakaaro kotahi, whakarongo mai ki te tangi o te iwi.

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