May 15, 2021

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A Resounding NO to the Smacking Law

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Preliminary results have been circulating which suggest that New Zealanders have voted overwhelmingly against the Smacking Law.

87.6% of respondents voted that NO smacking as a part of good parental correction should not be considered a criminal offence.  Those voting YES accounted for 11.81% of the vote.

Over 1,622,150 votes were cast which reflected a 54.04% voter turnout.

Official results will be announced 25 August (Tuesday).

These preliminary votes reflect a number of polls that have been conducted over the last few months.  Commentators suggest that these results will lead to a change in the law.

What are your thought whānau?

Did you vote? Do you agree with the outcome?

Share your kōrero with us below.

1 thought on “A Resounding NO to the Smacking Law

  1. Kaore au e whakapono ki te patu tamaiti ahakoa te whainga o te pooti. He kinotanga ke te patu tamaiti no te urunga mai o te Pakeha me nga Mihingare o tera atu rau tau e kawea tonutia ki enei ra!!

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