May 6, 2021

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Māori Health Provider Hui: Sept 2009, Nationwide

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The Associate Minister, Hon Tariana Turia, supported by the Ministry of Health, will be holding four hui; one in Taupo on Friday 4 September; one in Wellington on 10 September; one in Auckland on 17 September and one in Christchurch on 25 September.

The purpose of the hui is to inform the Māori health providers about the opportunities that exist in the primary healthcare environment. The Hon. Mrs Turia will be speaking as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health, primary healthcare implementation team, and Simon Royal, Chief Executive National Maori PHO Coalition.

In the afternoon, there will be opportunities for the Māori health providers to workshop and discuss the information received in the morning amongst themselves. The Hon. Mrs Turia is keen to receive their feedback.

If you are interested in attending the hui, could you please RSVP to Horiana MacGregor 04 816 3947 or [email protected]

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