May 15, 2021

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Maori Parents not to be Blamed

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The head of Te Ohu Rata o Aoteaora, the Māori Medical Practitioners Association says Maori parents cannot be blamed for their tamariki not getting vaccinations. Public health specialists are concerned that low immunisation rates are fueling a measles epidemic in Christchurch and Auckland. Waatea News reported that only about 80% of children are vaccinated by the time they get to school, and the take-up by Māori is up to 15% lower than that. Dr Jansen says the solution lies in improving the way medical professionals interact with Māori, and in Māori feeling entitled to an adequate health system.

The head of Te Ohu Rata o Aoteaora, the Maori Medical Practitioners Association says Maori parents cannot be blamed for their tamariki not getting vaccinations.

Public health specialists are concerned that low immunisation rates are fueling a measles epidemic in Christchurch and Auckland. Waatea News reported that only about 80% of children are vaccinated by the time they get to school, and the take-up by Maori is up to 15% lower than that. Dr Jansen says the solution lies in improving the way medical professionals interact with Maori, and in Maori feeling entitled to an adequate health system.

What are your thoughts on this whanau?
No doubt there is an issue here but where and how do we begin to address it?

21 thoughts on “Maori Parents not to be Blamed

  1. The infection is often asymptomatic, but chronic infection can lead to scarring of the liver and ultimately to cirrhosis, which is generally apparent after many years. In some cases, those with cirrhosis will go on to develop liver failure, liver cancer or life-threatening esophageal and gastric varices.;:*-

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  4. Maori get less – less time with the Dr – less opportunity to ask questions – less information – less drugs – less less less. And whilst it seems there is an increase in Maori Grads from Med School (thanks to brilliant people like Dr Papaarangi Reid and Elana Curtis) the struggle actually lies with the education system not being able to equip our rangatahi with the right skills to enter Med school in the first place. Maori kids aren’t encouraged to take up all the sciences and maths – and if they’re attending kura kaupapa – the chances of being able to take the subjects are slim. Maori make up only 4% of the health Workforce – not enough when it’s mainly Maori who are unwell. Our family Dr is Maori – David Jansen (Ngati Raukawa) – My best advice – find yourself one too. If you can’t then probe your doctor when you need to visit him/her.

  5. Kia ora Ariana – awesome comments. Ae, we found the Anglesea Clinic excellent in care and attention as well. Choice korero.

  6. Regarding your comments about doctors: Sadly, I have NEVER had the chance to experience the care of a Maaori doctor.
    Interestingly, my best medical experiences to date have been with 3 Indian medical professionals: Dr Asit Parekh, a GP at Hamilton East Medical Centre; an Anglesea Clinic doctor who acted immediately after seeing my symptoms & sent me to Waikato Hospital & the other; a medical Gynaecological consultant at Waikato Hospital. I have also been under the care of a Carribean male nurse in Waikato’s Emergency ward who was very accommodating and answered any questions I had. All these men took the time to listen to what this young Maaori woman had to say, explaining what was happening and advising me on the options I had available. There were slight accents but nothing that can’t be solved by actually LISTENING (not dismissing people early in the piece saying you don’t understand because you didn’t bother to listen! I know I get annoyed when Ngaa Paakeha do that to ME…!) So foreign doctors aren’t all dodgy – don’t be afraid of them e kare ma, talk to them because I SUSPECT NGAA MAAORI HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH ASIAN FOLKS THAN NGAA PAAKEHA WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE.
    These Indian doctors are already trained in the British system and despite the odd media beat-up on the odd rogue, they’re well-qualified. Their NZ Pakeha counterparts should take a leaf out of their book regarding good “bedside manner.”

  7. Two issues ; 1) to vaccinate or not and 2) the availability of culturally sensitive medical practitioners. It is a mistake to confuse the two.
    Firstly, informed parents, maori or othrwise, will decide on the merits for themselves, and I reiterate…informed. Just because we are maori, doesn’t mean we have to be ignorant. Secondly, my experiences with pakeha doctors have been less than satisfying over the years. the best one I ever had was actually a Chinese doctor based in Manukau city. I would go back to him untilt he day he died because he listened, he bothered and he made sure I was informed. He was there in the 80s and is still practising today BUt, I think he is a rarity. I am apalled at how, with the growing number of maori doctors coming out of med school, the medical profession has stayed in the dark agas. If you think we as patients are treated poorly…then spare a thought for Maori medical students and junior doctors who are and crap.I take my 4 year old mokopuna to a maori doctor, Helena…thank god for you…he wahine ataahua…he wahine pai. and yes, we vaccinate!!

  8. You know, in theory, I agree with survival of the fittest and breeding for immunity. In functioning reality, I don’t want my kittens to suffer and die, I don’t want my chickens to suffer and die, and I sure as shit don’t want my family to suffer and die.

    I agree, to a degree, that nutrition plays a role in illness and immunity. My pediatrician told me early on that he’d not seen a case of lead poisoning in his patients. Why? because although he has patients living in homes with lead paint, they are being watched by more attentive parents (ie not letting toddlers chew on walls) and that iron deficiency (and another mineral I can’t remember) allow “space” for the lead to adhere and contaminate the body rather than passing because it couldn’t find anywhere to stay.

    It’s the kids who have poor nutrition and have drugged out inattentive caretakers who are suffering brain damage from lead paint. It’s true that a healthier system allows one to fight off the various germs which come their way. But again, what about 89 year old Grandma? Or Auntie whatshername with breast cancer going through chemo, or uncle joe who’s weakened by aids, or the kid down the block with Leukemia?

    There are many who don’t believe in vaccinating animals either for similar reasons as those “free thinking” Moms. Excuse me: MUMS. I have nursed kittens through distemper. Of 5 kittens, 2 died, 2 lived on happily (with SO much medical care to survive) and one suffered brain damage and was euthanized. Those kittens got distemper on the street or even from their own mama. What if that was someone’s family of five children? I just cannot imagine.

    We could be eliminating these bugs if everyone would get on board. Instead TB is coming back, whooping cough, measles, mumps, polio, I don’t even know what else. I hope the NZ healthcare system doesn’t fail them when nutrition wasn’t good enough. We’ve got heathcare crisis here now and I worry about where this all could go… Whatever, I’m glad our children are as safe as we can make them.

  9. From the perspective of a mother with a severly vaccine injured 5 year old, I have been forced to educate myself on the topic of vaccinations which is always an ongoing process. What are my thoughts on it now? NOURISH your child with a good, nutritious, diet and environment, so much so, that the bodies natural defence systems will automatically work for themselves the way nature intended. There is ALWAYS an alternative, there is plenty of information out there for those seeking the truth….

  10. It seems to me that during periods of extreme social upheaval, the severe stress of having one’s way of life absolutely torn apart by alien beings and imposing their “culture” would mean that cortisol levels would be off the wall – probably rampant disease was more to do with this than microbes. I read years ago, that cortisol levels for armed forces recruits are way up when they first leave home and any who never got measles as a child, seem to get them whether they have been vaccinated or not. That complete change of way of life is NOTHING compared to the ravages of colonisation.

    I remember reading somewhere that at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, the worst killers of children, going by NZ yearbook stats, were kwashiorkor and marasmus. That’s straight out malnutrition and/or starvation, another good reason for there being no resistance. Sorry I don’t even have access to the yearbooks any more, perhaps someone who does, could check that.

    Nowadays I have no doubt that it is mal-nutrition of a different sort, plenty to eat, but of the highly processed almost non-food products. I never saw the vaccine van outside a greengrocer shop. Perhaps the health bureaucrats could do us a favour and start agitating for the lifting of GST on any non – Monsanto plant food seeds, on garden tools and on organic fruit and vegetables. That should help our health more than any vaccine campaign.

    Please, I beg you to check out the ingredients list, then research each individual one to see if they are the sorts of things you would include in your diet even in small quantities, let alone allow to be injected into your babies, especially the cell lines from those two long-ago aborted babies whose mothers probably have no idea the resultant cultivated cells are still available to buy via the internet today. Most people, of whatever race or creed, would find that repugnant if they knew about it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to have my say. It’s great not to be censored for not having a mainstream opinion.

    1. Tena koe Aja – thanks for taking the time to post your comments, all perspectives are encouraged, especially the non-mainstream ones, because people need to know the pros and cons of their choices.

      Nga mihi,
      Potaua Biasiny-Tule
      Editor, Managing Director Ltd

  11. To be fair it was primarily disease that saw numbers of Tangata Whenua go from well over 100,000 to 30,000 in only a few years during the 1800s. So to relegate some diseases as “a normal part of developing the immune system” serves only to under represent the significant impact disease had on Māori communities during colonisation.

    I also think you do no service to yourself by casting stones at Americans (and in turn sterotyping them) when racism is so pervasive and systemic here in Aotearoa. By doing so you open yourself up to being sterotyped yourself (as I will now do)… But then again as a Pākehā educated “mum” you probably won’t know anything about the racism and bigotry that exists here in NZ, at least Americans are up front about it, Pākehā simply whisper quietly about it among themselves. So before YOU go on about cultural sensitivity and respect I suggest you have a look in your own backyard.

    Mom from Sebastobol is a dear relation of mine who I sent the link to, that is how she fits into this discussion and since by whakapapa my children connect to her she has every right to include herself in this kōrero.

    Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa.

  12. Yes well I’m definately not a hippy. In New Zealand MOM is spelt MUM. One has to ask what is your business here. Do you even know what Tangata Whenua means ?

    We were discussing the cultural aspects of vaccination. We dont use the chicken pox vaccine here because no one dies from it and its seen as a normal to have childhood diseases like chicken pox as a normal part of developing the immune system. New Zealanders are not as easily sucked in by political propaganda, we are a nation of free thinkers.

    New Zealanders never have jumped to the snap of american business fingers not at any governmental level including pharmacutical companies throughout history, not when it came to your nuclear war ship in our harbours, not when it comes to joining in on wars that are against the United Nationals decisions.

    Tangata Whenua means “people of the land”, when you as a nation show cultural sensitity, respect and embrace your Tangata Whenua then come back and speak to us.

    Till then from Troll the internet for comments on vaccination and do it your side of the pacific.

  13. Why the insults Mom of Sebastabol? No dippy hippies here, just a whole lot of vaccine injuries. When the doctor says you can’t have any more vaccines, you really have to start looking for other ways to stay healthy. Oddly enough, during the 60’s we didn’t suffer. Measles, mumps, chicken pox were marked in our Plunket books (well baby equivalent) as UCD or NCD that is usual/normal childhood diseases. Any disease complications were not attributed to the minor diseases, but to the underlying factors that contribute, like poor nutrition, over-crowding, stress etc, and that includes the stress resulting from colonisation where generations have been affected by the upheaval.

    If someone got a cold, then died of pneumonia no one ever thought to say that s/he died of a cold, yet that’s what they do with so-called “measles” deaths.
    Germs are the clean-up crews, the decomposers & without them we’d all die in a sea of filth. There are way more than just the hundreds you mention, on your skin & mucosa alone, Mom. Impossible to vaccinate against every single bacterium.
    If you are run down, for whatever reason, then their waste products (endotoxin) can poison you. It would be really helpful if med staff asked about peoples’ nutritional status rather than their vaccination status. If the govt lifted the GST from fruit & veg it would do far more for health than any vaccine.

  14. The US loves vaccines b/c the pharmaceutical coys bring income & employment. So the US condones experimentation by vaccine manufacturers on its indigenous nations. Ask the Inuit. They know the Alaskan Native Medical Center orders Hepatitis B vaccine from the federal government, while the state of Alaska order vaccines for the general non-native population from another source. Or ask the Dena’ina in Alaska who along with the Inuit also won a huge lawsuit for serious vaccine damage.

    After researching the hepatitis B, the Alaskans found that the highest incidence of hepatitis B was in foreign countries that had Poverty, sanitation problems, high stress, such as war, and other Types of abuses to the body. They also found that Alaska (Particularly native villages) is an ideal location because of the Isolation of the villages.

    The US Arctic Research Plan (July 1987) states: “…considerable research has already been conducted in the Arctic. People living there, particularly native people, express concern that they are “over studied”, that they are treated only as subjects of experiments and not as collaborators in the research, that they are often not fully apprised of the research being carried out or the results at the conclusion of the studies…”

    Most trial vaccines are done on Alaskan natives. There are doctors, scientists and researchers from the US and worldwide who question the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. Mary Ann Mills, has conducted extensive research on vaccines, including the hepatitis B vaccine, and have consulted with many doctors and scientists in the US and around the world. Her conclusion is that it may not be as beneficial or safe as the health authorities may believe. The following is a short summary of information and documentation researched by Mary Ann and Bernadine Aitcheson.

    The American govt allowed scientists numerous investigations upon the native population. “And by 1960 resulted in recognition of the need for comprehensive and coordinated investigations, particularly of some populations facing early disruption or extinction”. “…Separate and uncoordinated studies had been conducted…

    How about Candace Cooper (Owsowiskweu) Brown Bear Woman of the Sto: Lo & Cree Nation. She resigned her job with the health service b/c of the immoral way vaccines were being pushed onto those tribes without informed consent. She was being silenced and pressured for telling the people what is the suppressed truth about vaccines. Health Canada wanted her to shut up but she would not. Her supervisor told Candace to stop giving out information and pass on the information to her that she gave to some families. The supervisor said she would pass on to the nursing staff to get educated, but months passed and no mention of it came up. But Candace quickly realized that vaccines are the main job of the nurses. There was an awful paper with each family along with births, deaths and a long list of side effects from vaccines that these nurses have to fill out monthly that was saddening and shocking. If the nurses do not do this they would not have jobs because M.S.B (Medical Services Branch) is run by Health Canada who pays the nurses and someone has to administer the vaccines.

    Some parents from the East were questioning the vaccines and this had the nurse upset because they were not being good little sheep and they were asking questions. Candace’s supervisor said that the medical info on vaccine side effects was not to be made public and the nurses were not allowed to get alternative input on vaccine dangers, than the party line. Yet there is so much information out today from doctors, scientists and other experts who are really looking at the efficacy of all the vaccines that we innocently receive thinking they are good because a doctor, or nurse has recommended them.

  15. I didn’t drink, nor smoke, nor do illicit drugs. I ate healthily, worked out @ the gym, kept my job in Neuro Intensive Care. Then I had the crippling vaccine & my life & career are in tatters.

  16. I can’t believe the number of parents refusing immunizations these days. It’s a shame you had to pay extra for the Chicken Pox vac in NZ. That one is part of the regular regime here in the US.

    I personally had the pox twice followed by a case of shingles. While my case wasn’t life threatening, it could have been. It could have threatened the life of an elderly family member in close contact. It could have threatened the life of a gay uncle with HIV. It could have threatened the life of a child friend struggling with Leukemia.

    I’m not usually this kind of alarmist and I recognize that my list of “could haves” seem far fetched. But this world is large, we come into contact with hundreds of other peoples germs each day. I don’t want my family to be the typhoid Mary and I don’t want my family to become ill because of someone else’s carelessness.

    I don’t drink and drive either. Ever.

    This has become a sore subject for me in my hippy dippy tin foil hat wearing town.

  17. Once bitten, twice shy. It took a few bites for my family to get the message. Over and over we were told that is was coincidence and we were mug enough to believe the doctors for a while.
    Brachial neuropathy following tetanus jab. Uncle’s arm withered. GBS after flu jabs, 2 friends dead, 2 recovered.
    Severe head to foot eczema in 18 mth old. Encephalitis in 6 mth old. Death, but it was called SIDS in a 2 mth old. Doctor said it was the vaccine, then changed his mind and wrote SIDS on death certificate. If you know the cause, then it’s not SIDS – aetiology unknown means they don’t know the cause. Then there are the numerous allergies.
    I grew up 50 years ago and recall no childhood cancer. Now 6 mth olds get liver cancer, 2 in Waikato Hospital with rare neuroblastoma at the same time attributed to “hot” lot vaccine. Was it withdrawn? No. Contaminated vaccines? How do you contaminate poison?
    MORE than just an “adequate” health system would be great. Seek out the help of Dr Archie Kalokerinos to find out about real health care instead of relying on drugs and vaccines. Also whoever it was who allowed that McDonalds franchise in the childrens’ hospital in Auckland, should have been fired for ignorance about health.

  18. Many Vaccines are cultured on WI-38 or Human fetal cells. I have often wondered if this is an issue for many maori culturally and in Christian parents also.

    I think the authories love to blame Maori. As they hate to admit that their are many Maori and Pakeha educated people who refuse to vaccine their children. However we are never mentioned as they like to make it seem that it’s the lower socio/maori economic groups ONLY that dont vaccinate. That is simply not true and very unfair. Many don’t because they research and find they would rather not vaccinate based on their own research ..

    Human Fetal Diploid Cells
    Human diploid cells are batches of human cells that are grown in a laboratory. Unlike cancer cells, they have the same number of chromosomes as normal human cells.

    Certain diploid cell strains are valuable in vaccine manufacture because these cells can be used for a very long period of time in the laboratory and are a reliable means by which many viruses that infect humans can be successfully and easily grown. Two different strains of human diploid cell cultures made from fetuses have been used extensively for vaccine production for decades. One was developed in the United States in 1961 (called WI-38) and the other in the United Kingdom in 1966 (called MRC-5).

    WI-38 came from lung cells from a female fetus of 3-months gestation and MRC-5 was developed from lung cells from a 14-week-old male fetus. Both fetuses were intentionally aborted, but neither was aborted for the purpose of obtaining diploid cells. . The fetal tissues that eventually became WI-38 and the MRC-5 cell cultures were removed from fetuses that were dead.

    More information for New Zealanders on the side of vaccination that the MOH will never give out .. can be read at the Immunisation awareness Society website.

  19. I am severely vaccine injured as a result of Hep B vaccination.
    When researching my ACC claim, I learned how indigenous nations were used as guinea pigs (Alaska & Sioux). The people got sick w/ various auto immune diseases, GBS, SJS, poly arthritis, cancers, AIDS & more from the use of contaminated vaccines. The US authorities lies & cover-ups, the coercions and deliberate harassment of whistle blowers, ought to be enough to make any concerned native person reluctant.

    The lastest Swine flu episode has to be seen in the context of where it’s true origins lay and by whom benefits most from it. Are Baxters to be trusted? Is Rumsfield?

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