May 15, 2021

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Roopu for Maori who were adopted, fostered & their whanau

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Nga Tangata Atawhai O AotearoaNga Tangata Atawhai O Aotearoa

A Roopu for Maori who were Adopted, Fostered and their Whanau is being developed. There is now a registration form and private groups available.

If you are interested click on the following FaceBook link.


Patron: Whaia Rose Pere. Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere is a formidable woman, Maori leader and ambassador for the Maori tradition and a CBE (given by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) and she upholds her tradition of using her intuition and insight to navigate through life.

Kaumatua: Te Waaka Melbourne
M.Phil, B.A.,(Massey) Dip Soc., L.Th
Tuhoe / Kahungunu
Hapu: Mahurehure, Ngati Tawhaki, Tama Kai Moana

Other Trust Members:

  • Dr Huhana Hickey (Auckland)
  • Bianca Johanson (Northland)
  • Piripi Smith (Australia)
  • Kararaina (Carol) Beckett (Otautahi)
  • Erica Newman (Dunedin)

[email protected]

5 thoughts on “Roopu for Maori who were adopted, fostered & their whanau

  1. Ngā mihi nui

    Please find our face book page. Alot has changed since this post.

    Kia Kaha

  2. Kia ora Whaea Rangimarie,
    I was adopted at 9 months by a Scottish and English couple some 50 odd years ago. They definitely didn’t want a Maori child and were told I was something else. I was fair enough and with blue eyes to be borderline. 🙂 . Its be a colourful rich journey through which I found my healing in my own tamariki. My whanau are the love of my life. Weirdly I passionate about attachment / whakawhanaungatanga . Oh whaea these are subjects close to my heart no-one has ever invited me to talk about it.
    Ka nui te mihi aroha ki a koe

  3. Kia ora te Whanau Whanui Tonu,
    nga mihi nui, nga mihi aroha. I hope you receive the first message that I wrote. It relates to leaving and clearing old energies behind us, so that we can link into the energy of the Violet Flame (Kahukura), the energy that transmutes negative energy and protects, the energy of the Cherishing Waters (Waiahuruhuru) that surrounds us on a spiritual level, the way it did while we were still in our MOTHER'S womb, and the Divine Heart Of Unconditional Love (Te Manawa Aroha).
    May we walk the Path of Peace, Love, Joy and Truth always,
    Rangimarie Pere

  4. Kia ora te Whanau Whanui,
    nga mihi nui, nga mihi aroha. If ever there was a time when we need to stand in our own power and wisdom, and to walk the path of Peace… is mow! There are huge energy shifts on both a spiritual and physical level with Papatuanuku Earth Mother adjusting and healing herself. We need to link into the Oneness of everything that exists. There is no limit to what we can do through the universal mind and consciousness.
    We need to celebrate the fact that we are "miracles in expression" every day. NEVER EVER TAKE ANYTHING FOREGRANTED. May we share the energies pf PEACE, LOVE, JOY and TRUTH.

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