May 13, 2021

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“The Game” hip hops Rotorua

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220px-The_Game_by_Mikko_KoponenThe Game, aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor, came to Rotorua tonight, the show was held at Rotorua’s Sportsdrome. It was an interesting start to the evening with a kind and polite greeting by Rotorua’s finest police officers, who enjoyed using Rotorua’s newest ban on alcohol as an excuse to intervene on what was supposed to be a relaxed stress free evening (which for all intensive purposes is quite strict – but more on that later ;)… )

So after our interesting korero with the Boys in Blue we ambled over the the venue. Security (with Ngati Whakaue and the North represented) was tight with with each vistor encountering a metal dector and bag seach. Even hats were asked to be taken off, hmmm what might one hide under one’s cap. Caps, hoodies and jackets that were red, black and blue were asked to be removed, clearly ancipating local gang tensions.

We entered the venue after Dei Hamo and Rotorua’s own DJ Poroufessor (aka Brotha Hone Ngata) rocked the crowd and stepped into some mean beats by DJ Krystal, who played some of our hip hop favourites. The Dope Boys came on next and set the hall rockin. Mean styles representing the Game’s colours (RED).

the-game-2008-10-17-300x300So finally, the Game hit the stage. We’d all been waiting, singing his classics like “Couldn’t Get Far”, “This is How We Do” and “One Blood” ~ when he came out swinging with these trcks, we sang along, raised our hands and head nodded in appreciation ~ the Game and his crew had come all the way to Rotorua, and though the crowd was small, we were appreciative.

Like all good things, his set ended just as it was beginning. Twice he called the masses up on stage with him, with two special shout outs made to a brother in a wheel-chair, pulled up on stage because the Game liked his style. The next was when a young fulla (like 6 years old) was called up and hoiseted upon the shoulders of the Game. Magic. His dad came up too (cos dads are protective as), taking photos, moving, singing, loving the moment.

The Game gave shouts to Rotorua, to us the fans and reignited the beef between he and Jay-Z (etting everyone to rap back “F*** Jay-Z). WE calle dlaong, mostly because Rocafella and Jay-Z don’t visit there fans here in Rotorua and all because the Game inspired us to lift our voices.

No love lost no doubt.

Although the venue was half full, the crowd was jamming hard. The mostly 25+ year old crowd was relaxed though with peeps jamming to some nice bass and hard hip hop beats we wondered why the harsh treatment given to arriving fans and none of the hoity affair happening next door (thanks RDC but please, respect us too).

So it was a great concert, over too soon but hard out all the same. I mean, when did the Game, from East Compton L.A last visit your hood? Chur. REspect to the Game, the Dope Boys, Dei Hamo, DJ Poroufessor, the organisers, the crew, the FANS and tut tut to the security, the Po Po and the Council.

Time to play some pool at Fentons…

Much love from

Will be posting pics and videos of the show soon and will update you when we do.

Click here to check out the Daily Post’s article on the, Jailbird ‘gangsta rapper’ set to entertain. No wonder the “over the top” response to the event by local authorities!

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