May 6, 2021

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Calling all Ngaitai Uri

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Ngaitai Conference in Torere, 9-11 Oct

The Ngaitai Taurahere Project Management Team is an independent and informal group made up of Ngaitai uri that are presently in the generation in transition from rangatahi to pakeke (25-40 year olds).

We have been meeting since August 2008, to plan an inaugural Conference that we envisage will strengthen connections amongst our generation, and uncover ways that we can work together collaboratively to contribute to Ngaitai.

Ngai Tai ConferenceOur vision is: Strong connections and a strong future for Ngaitai.

Our mission is: To create positive opportunities for Ngaitai by utilising collective strengths to build connections, share information; engage in positive discussion and debate; and apply strategic thinking, inspiration and leadership.

The overarching theme of the Ngaitai Taurahere Conference is
therefore “Strong Connections, Strong Futures”, which is supported by the
following sub themes that will guide the Conference:

  • Taurahere-ā-tangata – Our Stories, Whakapapa and Connections;
  • Taurahere-ki te whenua – Our Whenua, Moana, and Tūrangawaewae;
  • Taurahere-ki ngā iwi – Strengthening Our Connections Outside of Torere

The broad objectives of the Ngaitai Taurahere Conference are to:

  • build connections amongst Ngaitai uri from the middle
  • build awareness of current iwi development issues and support for existing Ngaitai initiatives;
  • establish baseline data for middle generation to inform future Ngaitai development;
  • set priority outcomes for Ngaitai and iwi development; and
  • develop a sustainable plan for collaborative action and contribution.

This inaugural conference is targeted at the middle generation to increase participation and contribution to Ngaitai development; It will also strengthen connections, identity and belonging to a distinctive Ngaitai heritage.

It has been the intention of the planning committee to keep participation costs to a minimum and to provide childcare activities for tamariki that will allow parents to be fully involved in the Conference.

2 thoughts on “Calling all Ngaitai Uri

  1. tena koe I attended the 80th Birthday celebration of Lady Emily Latimer wife of Sir Graham Latimer who has Ngaitai descent as recited very humbly by herself last thursday she descends from Mokomoko – I remember their wedding dinner where trolleys of koura were presented and Tuariki Delemere was the Toastmaster and the people of Torere were the perfect hosts to our whanau

  2. Chur bro! Awesome hui! We’ve got some Ngaitai roots through our tupuna Tuheitia who married into Tamaki a few hundred years back. Im pretty sure thats why Ihumatao in Awhitu is there 😉

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