May 12, 2021

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Indigenous Climate Connections (ICC)

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EVENT: Indigenous Climate Connections (ICC)

DATE: (moved to) 24 October – 01 November 2009 (manuhiri will be arriving 24th with people to be hosted by whanau with everyone then gathering on the 26th in the Manawatu) VENUE: Aotearoa (New Zealand)

PARTICIPANTS: Indigenous youth of Asia and Pacific (13-35 years old) Conscious Collaborations and APIYN are bringing together 30 Indigenous youth leaders from around the Asia Pacific region with 30 Aotearoa/NZ based Indigenous youth representing Māori and Pasifika communities.

The twin themes of the conference are the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and Climate change/climate justice. The overarching aim of Indigenous Climate Connections is to understand and take action on climate change as an issue of Indigenous rights/self-determination.

IndigIndigenous Climate Connectionsenous Climate Connections will empower Indigenous youth to take action on their rights as Indigenous peoples – specifically this will involve trainings on UN mechanisms (e.g. the UNPFII) and the UNDRIP. Delegates will be able to use these trainings to apply the UNDRIP and UN mechanisms to their local, national situations.

Sharing Indigenous understandings and experiences of climate change is also a central part of Indigenous Climate Connections. Indigenous Climate Connections is about fostering relationships through regional network building for Indigenous youth. These relationships will empower Indigenous youth to develop their capacity to build initiatives, develop projects that create culturally appropriate economic and environmental solutions to climate change problems and defend/promote Indigenous Rights. Please note this network is currently Indigenous only space.

In the context of Aotearoa we extend this definition to include our Pasifika brothers and sisters

For Aotearoa based activists please email [email protected]

For Asia based activists please apply

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