May 18, 2021

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Maori Business Network in Australia

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Te hononga tahitanga i nga mahi ataahua i waenganui i te iwi whanui Maori o AhiterMaori Business Network Australiaeria


The Maori Business Network serves the Maori Business Community in Australia by offering resources, online networking, advertising, promotional exchanges, special events and general business support opportunities between businesses.

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  • Nurture Maori business, organisations and groups within Australia.
  • Provide members with a central communication point for referrals, resource sharing and advertising
  • Provide members with support, assistance and resources that can enhance their business
  • Provide a mechanism for Maori business professionals, owners and managers to:
    • Share skills, strengths, knowledge, information and experience
    • Assist and support each other
    • Advertise employment opportunities
    • Increase Maori employment and business opportunities
    • Share resources and  contacts
    • Promote their business to the community
    • Help businesses grow via introduction to industry government and overseas opportunities
  • Provide a website which will serve as a central meeting space and advertising medium for business Australia-wide
  • Give business the opportunities to advertise and post information regarding their services, products, special and unique concepts to both members and the general public
  • Give members opportunities to link their business from the Kiwi tv network’s website for easy access and to increase traffic flow


Quarterly activities will be organised in the form of speaking engagements, breakfast or morning coffee meetings.

Members will have the opportunity to have a section in the news letter, where the members can advertise a product or a service in detail.

A monthly letter will be sent to the members with information regarding special events, new members, business success stories and tips, as well as testimonials on products purchased.


Businesses are encouraged to offer membership discounts and special offers to other MBN members. This will encourage members to purchase each other’s products


Membership of MBN is open to any individual or organisation and is not restricted by reason of gender, race or business activity. Members must read, agree with and be willing to adhere to our code of ethics.

2 thoughts on “Maori Business Network in Australia

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