May 18, 2021

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Maori Land Court Online

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The Māori Land Court (Te Kooti Whenua Māori) is set up under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and has jurisdiction to hear matters relating to Māori land.  Just less that five per cent of land in New Zealand, about 1.3 million hectares, is designated as Māori freehold land.  The special bond between Māori people and land is recognised by the Māori Land Court, and the records held by this court form an invaluable part of the whakapapa of all Māori.Maori Land Court

Issues relating to multiple ownership of land and the laws relating to succession of ownership mean Māori land transactions can be complex.  The Māori Land Court deals with these transactions in a traditional and appropriate manner.  For example, court sittings may be conducted in te reo Māori and may begin and end with a karakia.

The Māori Land Court has a Chief Judge and a Deputy Chief Judge as well as resident judges in most Māori Land Court districts.

The Ministry of Justice administers the Māori Land Court and the Minister of Māori Affairs deals with legislative matters.

You can now search online.


  • Registration Project underway – In conjunction with Land Information New Zealand, the Maori Land Court has embarked on a five year project to register all existing Maori Freehold land titles and orders under the Land Transfer Act 1952.
  • Maori Land Court Panui – the list of Maori Land Court sittings for the coming month with details of venues, dates and times.
  • Notice board – notice of hui and land meetings being held around Aotearoa. If you would like to advertise your trust or land owners hui on this web site, click here.
  • Vacancies & New Appointments – vacant positions in the Maori Land Court and recent appointments.

3 thoughts on “Maori Land Court Online

  1. Kia ora ano
    could you please send me information on Whenua belonging to John Tuwhakarara Raiwhara also known as John Tuwhakarara Rifle in Ngati whakaue that has not been succeeded over as yet .
    lands of interest are KAUAE URUPA also HENDERSON QUARRY also other areas in Bay of Plenty .
    Is it possible to send any panui or other matters concerning this name .

    Nga mihi
    Daisy Raiwhara

    154 Sunset Road Mangakakahi Rotorua

  2. kia ora, cld u plez send me an email on the court sittings for wellington concerning the claiment Aubury or Jane (Hinetewaku) Edwards regarding a claim for the parata whanau kia ora ano
    Na Helen Parata

  3. Can you please send me a copy of the Panui Notice of applications currently before the court in Rotorua. Thank you.


    Kathy Bamber
    18 Wingrove Road
    Rotorua or email to [email protected]

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